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Coifed Crusader to sue insurers over...

Coifed Crusader to sue insurers over home flood damage

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 18, 2005

Just when you thought the spotlight was on someone else, Jim Hood is set to burn his hands to grab the spotlight again.

Reuters is reporting that Jim Hood as early as Thursday, September 15, is planning on suing the home insurance companies doing business in the state by saying that “winds caused the flooding”. Most everyone has home insurance where damage by wind would be a covered event. However, people who live in flood plain areas need the additional coverage of flood insurance to protect against that particular threat.

Hood’s lawsuit, presumably, would seek to widen the umbrella of coverage to basically everyone who was flooded and insured in some way. The effect of his lawsuit would also, presumably, drive the few insurers that still do business in Mississippi away.

Don’t we have an insurance commissioner around here? What does George Dale think about this and has he been consulted in the lawsuit?

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September 23, 2005

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