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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 18, 2005

By The Independent‘s Bob Pittman
Special to MississippiPolitics.Com

Mississippi’s political deck continues to be shuffled with potential candidates for a variety of state offices playing a continuing game of musical chairs.

Add the names of Charlie Ross, Ronnie Shows and Andy Taggart to the list of potential candidates in the state’s General Election coming up in two years.

Those names are being tossed around the capitol, along with such other familiar names as Jim Hood, Phil Bryant, Jack Gordon, and Bill Hawks. And, another familiar name, Haley Barbour is still drawing widespread speculation about his political future.

Barbour, Amy Tuck, Eric Clark, Hood and Bryant hold the chairs now, but who knows where the political music will stop.

All eyes, as expected, are on the Governor, who has just completed a successful economic development tour of Asian countries, coming home with renewed interest by Hyundai-Kia for a Mississippi location for a second automobile assembly plant in the southern USA. Kia officials told the Governor they are considering a second location, having opened a $1 billion plant in Montgomery, Alabama, in May. And, said the South Korean business leaders, Mississippi is at the top of their list as a potential site for a second plant.

While the Republican Governor is expected to offer for a second term, speculation continues about his possible run for the presidency a year after the state elections.

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