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House Special Election Candidates

House Special Election Candidates

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 18, 2005

House Special Election Candidates

Candidates have qualified with the Secretary of State’s Office to run in three August 30 special elections for the Mississippi House of Representatives.

Currently, there are vacancies in House District 28, formerly held by Rep. Charlie Capps; House District 96, formerly held by Rep. David Green; and House District 86, formerly held by Rep. Joe Taylor.

Candidates and districts:

? House District 28 – Parts of Bolivar, Sunflower, and Washington Counties.

o Levi Boone III of Cleveland
o Charlie Capps of Cleveland
o David Norquist of Cleveland
o Wanda Ray of Cleveland

? House District 86 – Parts of Clarke, Perry, and Wayne Counties.

o Wayne Allen of Waynesboro
o Samuel F. Britton of Waynesboro
o Albert Busby of Laurel
o Sherra Hillman Lane of Waynesboro
o Johnel Rogers of Waynesboro
o Fred Stanley of Waynesboro

? House District 96 – Parts of Adams, Amite, Pike Counties and all of Wilkinson County.

o Earl Dean Anthony of Woodville
o Dorothy Scott Dace Chesser of Liberty
o Angela Cockerham of Magnolia
o Larry J. Lee of Centreville
o Oliver “OJ” Packnett of Centreville
o Holmes Sturgeon of Woodville

Special election ballots do not list the party affiliations of candidates. Should no candidate in a race receive a majority of votes on August 30, a runoff election will be held on September 13.

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