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City Workers Caught Stealing Gas

City Workers Caught Stealing Gas

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 4, 2005

City Workers Caught Stealing Gas

Last week we first told you about Jackson police investigating fellow city workers for the theft of gas. They’re not driving off from the pumps, but using taxpayers money to fill gas tanks on their personal vehicles.

Two men were the first to be arrested in the city gas theft scandal, 50 year old Larry Washington, and 59 year old Willie Stapleton, caught filling their cars with city gas cards.

J.P.D. Detective Tim Corbitt says, “We have identified where certain employees have been putting gas in personal vehicles. There is some abuse. That’s what were trying to curtail, anyone who hasn’t been caught yet, it’s time to stop.”

For weeks, detectives say they’ve conducted surviellance on city employees from every department.

Every city vehicle has a Fuel Man gas car in it so workers can fill up, whether it be a pickup or even a lawnmower, just as long as it’s a city vehicle.

Assistant Police chief Roy Sandefer says, “The price of fuel for me or you in your private vehicle is an arm and a leg. When you’re misusing that card, you’re cheating the citizens of Jackson and we’re not going to tolerate that.”

Police say more arrests are possible.

Those that aren’t caught by undercover officers, could get busted in discrepancies in fill ups, on detailed monthy fuel purchases provided by fuelman.

Detective Corbitt says, “For instance, if you have a Ford Taurus with an 18 gallon gas tank, there shouldn’t be 30 gallons of gas on one purchase.

Washington and Stapleton could also face disciplinary action or termination from their jobs with the city.

Police say they’re keeping a close eye on city workers at the pumps, making sure hard earned tax dollars aren’t spent on gas, that fuels someone else’s joy ride.


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