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Melton Stands Firm

Melton Stands Firm

By: Magnolia Tribune - August 1, 2005

Melton Stands Firm

Mayor Frank Melton is standing firm on his decision to ask members of the city’s boards and commissions to resign.

In the wake of the mayor’s requests for resignations, some are asking if he went too far.

“I think it is always appropriate to start off with the toughest position you can take,” said Melton.

The mayor says most likely all of the members of Jackson city boards and commissions who he asked to resign will keep their jobs. He didn’t want to single anyone out, so he sent letters to everyone. He says this was a reality check.

“This isn’t about politics. This is not about friendship. This is about performance and accountability,” said Melton.

At least one person asked to resign reportedly called the mayor’s request an insult. Melton says he hand wrote some of the letters but many found out through the media.

“At the end of the day the facts are the facts, whether they find out personally or though the media,” said Melton.

In his final days as mayor, Harvey Johnson appointed dozens of people to jobs they would be able to hold longer than Melton would be in office. The mayor says it is very important the new city council and the new administration have a say and hold the members accountable.

“If you just look at the city, the housing problem, the crime problem, my question is what have we been doing,” said Melton


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