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U-Haul Worker Tied Up and Robbed

U-Haul Worker Tied Up and Robbed

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 3, 2005

U-Haul Worker Tied Up and Robbed

“I was just all but screaming because the tape was tearing my skin and hair, so I got a police officer haircut this morning.”

Bishop said she’ll continue working, but hopes police catch her attacker soon. Bishop worries that she and her daughter may not be as lucky if they see this man a fourth time.

Bishop said her attacker was a black male, about 5’7″. He has curly shoulder length hair and tattooed on his chest, arms, and legs. He was wearing gray sweat pants and a dark shirt.

Police believe that the man is staying at a motel on Highway 80. If you have any information please call Jackson police.


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