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Baby Dies From Beating Injuries

Baby Dies From Beating Injuries

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 3, 2005

Baby Dies From Beating Injuries

For a day, Deungela Mallet fought for her life in the hospital, after being beaten in a North Jackson apartment. Now Jackson police confirm the toddler died after suffering severe trauma to the head.

Charges against Antonio Love, the man arrested for beating Deungela, are being upgraded.

After our story aired Wednesday, we received several calls from people who say they’ve had run-ins with love in the past.

David Crowley says he lost the use of his legs, after being shot, following a road rage incident back in 2003.

Crowley says, “Next thing I know Antonio, I heard a click click. I turned around, I see Antonio face, a big gun and he put it straight to my back and boom boom. I’ve been paralyzed ever since, all the way down. I’ll never walk again.”


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