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Rick Whitlow Gets His Message Out

Rick Whitlow Gets His Message Out

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 21, 2005

Recently, traditionally Republican Households began receiving recorded voice message calls from the Whitlow campaign. Whitlow is now putting his resources to work and getting his message out.

You can hear the recorded call here.

He has also made the following article available exclusively to

Zero Tolerance on Crime
by Republican Mayoral Candidate Rick Whitlow

Recently I pledged my support for the crime fighting philosophy commonly known as “Zero Tolerance Policing.” I am not suggesting we put everyone in jail, and throw away the key.

Zero tolerance is but one component of my crime reducing plan, which also encourages existing preventive programs, electronic monitoring, and other successful crime reducing measures. Zero tolerance is not a one size fit all panacea for reducing crime. As I said during my May 4th press conference. The Jackson Police department can not implement zero tolerance alone.

I will publicly, and privately encourage other components of the metro area criminal justice system to “buy in” to the zero tolerance philosophy. This is not something I could have done as a private citizen, but from the office of Mayor I’ll be able to encourage participation from other elements of the criminal justice system.

Zero tolerance will be closely monitored, and evaluated on a quarterly basis, and adjustments will be made where needed.

Zero tolerance is aggressive, and has it’s pros, and cons, and certainly will have it’s critics, but if we are going to be serious about reducing crime. Then let’s be serious about reducing crime.

Zero tolerance is SERIOUS. With help from the new police chief, who under my administration will come from within the current Hinds County law enforcement professionals, we will craft zero tolerance to fit the needs of Jackson, including an active community policing component. Even though the principles will be similar. I know the way zero tolerance was implemented in other cities may not be the way to do it here. I will be a strong advocate of existing preventive programs, job training, and as I mentioned electronic monitoring. Also I will be open to looking at creative ways to increase jail space without raising taxes. The Jackson police department will have total support of the Mayor’s office under my administration. However, they will be held accountable.

Indiscriminate head busting will not be tolerated. Police officers will also follow the law, and not violate citizens civil rights. During my tenure at the Metro CrimeCommission-Safecity Watch. I had the chance to go eye to eye with those accused, and convicted of crimes. I have also gone eye to eye, and face to face with the victims of crime. It is on the side of the victim I will come down on every time.

If we are going to be serious about reducing crime. Then let’s get serious about reducing crime. We have to be about results, not just talk, and good intentions. Zero tolerance policing will bring about those results.

Rick Whitlow
Republican Mayoral Candidate

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