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Could Johnson yet depart with dignity,...

Could Johnson yet depart with dignity, class?

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 16, 2005

Could Johnson yet depart with dignity, class?

After the defeat, the mayor said on TV that his plans remained the same. He would get up the next morning and go to work as always, serving the city of Jackson, or something to that effect.

Last week, when the Jackson City Council met for the first time since the election, Johnson walked into Council chambers to a standing ovation. A few items were discussed and the meeting quickly adjourned before anyone could make a fool of himself for public access viewers.

Since Election Day, Johnson has refused to talk about anything. He’s made no public statements and treated print and broadcast reporters like criminals if they dare ask him anything.

Johnson’s childlike behavior is something Jackson media have become accustomed to and have learned to counteract by going around him.

The issue I have with the mayor is his apparent willingness to let the city drift for the next six weeks without offering details on the transition. If this is his approach, the mayor should take advice from his police chief. The city’s top cop told the newspaper last week that he planned “to shut it down” and use vacation time for the remainder of Johnson’s term.

In addition to the city’s 184,000 people, Johnson has a responsibility to the team that served under his command. That responsibility means he should defend them and fight like crazy to see that some of them are at least considered for jobs under Melton, who in June faces former TV sportscaster Rick Whitlow, whose campaign has little money and fewer supporters.

Ronnie Agnew
Clarion Ledger

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