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Candidates Campaign at Lynch Street...

Candidates Campaign at Lynch Street Festival

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 1, 2005

Candidates Campaign at Lynch Street Festival

Election Day is now just a few days away, and both Democratic mayoral candidates worked the crowds on Lynch Street. With an estimated 6,000 people in attendance throughout the day, both candidates took the opportunity to urge voters to head to the polls.

Mayor Harvey Johnson took the stage around 4:00, asking for the crowd’s vote. Frank Melton enjoyed the festivities all morning. His campaign took advantage of this opportunity as well. This is the 13th year of the Lynch Street Festival, which is dedicated to highlighting the rich artistic history of west Jackson , a history both campaigns hope to restore.

“I see west Jackson coming to gather and bringing people from all over the community whether they are Caucasian, African American or Mexican. And today I think we are closer to that point,” said Robert Henderson with the Frank Melton Campaign.

“A lot of times west Jackson gets a wrap that nothing is going on, and there is a lot of good going on there, not only this festival but there is a lot of development,” stated Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson.

Mayor Johnson says the students at nearby Jackson State deserve an area they can enjoy. Both campaigns agree it is time to rebuild west Jackson . This festival is sponsored by the west Jackson Community Development Corporation. Organizers say they raised about 50-thousand dollars.


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