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Are Jackson Mayoral Campaign Ads...

Are Jackson Mayoral Campaign Ads Getting the Message Across?

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 28, 2005

Are Jackson Mayoral Campaign Ads Getting the Message Across?

The countdown is on until Tuesday’s election. In the remaining days, it’s likely Jackson’s mayoral candidates will push hard to reach voters through advertising.

For the past month campaign ads for incumbent Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. and challenger Frank Melton have been familiar to your tv screen. Are they getting their messages across?

Jackson voter Patricia Whittington has picked a candidate and nothing will change her mind. Whittington said, “The ads don’t affect me one way or the other.”

Jackson resident Cody Denton said, “Probably not because I’m not a big voter.”

According to campaign finance reports Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. raised $444,558.00. He’s spent $363,950.00 and has $80,600.00 remaining.

The Melton campaign reports contributions of $454,757.00. They have spent $421,007.00 and have $24,294.00 cash on hand. Much of the left over money will undoubtedly be spent on advertising.

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