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Clarion Ledger LTE – 4/25/5

Clarion Ledger LTE – 4/25/5

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 25, 2005

Clarion Ledger Letters to the Editor 4/25/5

What’s Melton got as track record?

Week after week we “outsiders” read The Clarion-Ledger and witness events unfold before the city of Jackson. Ah, yes, those who do not live within the city limits of our capital city are referred to as aliens by Jacksonians.

“Mind your own business,” they say with condemnation in their voices. “If you’re not part of the solution, then you must be part of the problem.”

Not only are these statements dripping with absurdity, they are also incorrect. Most anything that happens in the city of Jackson, being the capital city that it is, affects all citizens of every city. Stability in Jackson sets the tone for Mississippi.

This concept alone allows citizens of other regions to be critical of the masses for following the antics of Frank Melton. These “supporters” believe that Mayor Harvey Johnson has “had his chance” to help the city.

Apparently, there are those who believe Frank Melton has “had his chance” at helping our state as well.

One of the first items on Gov. Haley Barbour’s agenda was the replacement of inexperienced Frank Melton as the director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics with accomplished former U.S. attorney George Phillips.

I pose to the supporters of Melton and the citizens of Jackson: What is it that Gov. Barbour and his staff recognize about the ability of Frank Melton that you have yet to notice?

Eric Brown

Will candidates increase income?

Mayor Harvey Johnson and opponent Frank Melton talked about all they would do in south Jackson (“Mayoral debate: Foes clash on crime, jobs.” April 18). Nothing was said about the crime, drug dealers, streets, police, etc in north Jackson.

I figure about 80-90 percent of tax base comes out of north Jackson.

They talk of guarantees for the minority contractors for projects in Jackson. I think that the white contractor is the minority, based on population. Do the white contractors get the same protection?

I would like to know how many tax-paying companies and the number of jobs that have left Jackson and Hinds County.

I’ve heard enough about schools. They are important, but it takes money to provide for services, payroll and government. What are these candidates going to do to increase income into the city?

Sonny T. Jackson

Melton’s record would benefit city

Not long ago, I read in my local Cleveland paper that the head of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics was scheduled to talk to the high school students at Cleveland High School.

At the announced hour, I walked into the school auditorium along with about 700 students to hear Frank Melton.

He told the students about the value of hard work and drug-free living in a convincing manner.

His own work record, morals, and business sense would certainly be of benefit to the city of Jackson.

I wished that I could vote for him in the coming election.

Charles C. Jacobs Jr.

Johnson failed in promise on crime

Some eight years ago, Mayor-elect Harvey Johnson (no relation) promised the elderly that they would be able to “sit on the porch in the cool of the evening” as a result of his aggressive means to end crime.

Well, I can’t even sit in my bathroom at home without being robbed.

My home was burglarized on December 25, (yes, Christmas) around 3 a.m. The man walked me around, stealing my belongings, gifts and vehicle, and attempted to sexually assault me before I managed to escape.

It took almost two months and several calls before a detective was assigned to my case. The suspect was apprehended, only to be released after his bond was reduced and he bonded out.

I have to look at him daily as he is now residing in my neighborhood. The death of Officer Thomas Catchings, who was a very dear friend, has shown us that we are actually in worse shape now.

So, I ask Mayor Johnson: When will Jackson see the “cool of the evening and become the best of the New South?”

Stacey M. Johnson

Johnson’s record is doing ‘nothing’

I know who Metro Columnist Eric Stringfellow and Perspective Editor Sid Salter are backing for mayor and it’s not Frank Melton.

They both have bashed Mr. Melton pretty well for a possible no-voting record but is that a good enough reason not to vote for the man? Should we vote for Harvey Johnson just because he votes?

Why, no; we vote for the man who will do the best job. Harvey Johnson did nothing his first term in office, so voters gave him another one. After eight years, still nothing.

Frank Melton, on the other hand, is aggressive, smart, and will get things done. Elect Harvey Johnson to the Senate, where doing nothing is a prerequisite for the job. He will fit right in.

Greg Demrow

Vote out Johnson, vote in real leader

On May 3, we will have a chance to do something to improve our situation in this, the capital city.

When I first moved my family here from Grenada in 1962, I never worried about going downtown and having my car stolen or burglarized. Now, it is a concern of mine in any part of the city.

My car was damaged just sitting at the curb in front of a grocery store while I was inside shopping, in broad daylight.

Since Harvey Johnson has been in office, we have experienced a “Do-nothing” arrogant mayor, and the city continues becoming a ghetto in many areas.

When Dale Danks was mayor, my cable TV rate was $10 per month, versus $73 at present; spray trucks came through the neighborhood every week spraying for mosquitoes (never see them spraying now); crime was a minor problem; and we were proud to be a part of a strong, vibrant, capital metropolis.

Chief Robert Moore says the private citizen is not doing enough to fight crime. I thought that was his job. I think being armed and protecting our private property is the only responsibility of the citizens.

Therefore, I believe it’s not only time but an absolute necessity to vote out Johnson and vote in a real leader. Let’s do it!

Bob Malone

Melton’s tax filing just not a problem

What is the problem with Frank Melton’s filing homestead exemption in Texas? This only means that he is paying the state, county and city more taxes on his home here. If he was filing in both states then it would be a problem.

Mayor Harvey Johnson is worried about Mr. Melton and it shows. Get on with the debates and see who is the better man or woman for the job.

Much good could be done with the millions of dollars it takes to clean up after people who trash neighborhoods and roads.

Wade Morrison

Melton’s record should be open to scrutiny like Johnson’s

We Mississippians have mostly been looked upon by others and even ourselves as idiots or dumb rednecks who are vulnerable to sleight-of-hand tactics, loud and insignificant fast talk, tall tales from “slick” shysters in silk tails and high-top shoes.

This kind of foolishness somehow keeps our attention. Out of habit, we often listen and respond to rhetoric which often has little or no valuable substance.

Metro Columnist Eric Stringfellow wrote an interesting column on mayoral candidate Frank Melton (“Why back candidate who does not vote?,” April 10).

Recent developments concerning Mr. Melton are of great concern to me.

We voters must demand each candidate, regardless of the office sought, open up his or her life’s background to our satisfaction. This is not being done.

Mr. Melton is rapidly making his candidacy an object of controversy by not being direct and sincere in explaining to us his voting patterns, legal residence, homestead exemption status, and his “I-don’t-owe-them-(Texas)-a-darned-thing” attitude.

This kind of conduct is scary and should be the first order of determining a person’s integrity and of being worthy of trust to govern our city.

The Clarion-Ledger constantly monitors the record and performance of Mayor Harvey Johnson’s integrity.

At least we Jacksonians know who and what he is all about. Residents of this city deserve to know just as much or more about Frank Melton.

Insisting on anything less information about this man would give validity to the belief of those who think ill of us – and would, indeed, characterize our level of intelligence as being stupid idiots and dumb rednecks.

Pat Owens

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