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Rick Whitlow Newsletter 4/15/5

Rick Whitlow Newsletter 4/15/5

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 16, 2005


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Leadership Matters: Recently, heavy rains all but forced some residents on Glenside Drive and Fontaine Avenue out of their homes. After seeing footage on the T.V. news I went to take a look for myself. It continues to amaze me that areas subject to flooding during heavy rains get no meaningful attention until during an election year. These are not the only two areas in our city with flooding problems. It is my understanding that much of the flooding could be eliminated by keeping the drainage ditches free of debris. Installation of larger drainage canals which would also contribute to reduce and possibly eliminate the flooding problem. After being elected, I would move very quickly to find and implement a solution to the flooding problem before another election year rolled around. I was amazed at how many pot holes I hit and avoided on my way to the flood areas. As Mayor, I will ensure that the public works department is working for the public everyday, not just 90 days before municipal elections. “Leadership Matters”

Point Of Order: The life expectancy for those living in the Capital City can be increased dramatically by individuals doing things that they personally control. In a recent study, Mississippi was considered one of the unhealthiest states in the nation. The Healthy Jackson Initiative will bring together a proactive group of medical and physical fitness professionals to aggressively promote healthy lifestyles and choices. The Mayor’s office under the leadership of Rick Whitlow will serve as a model. A healthier Jackson will result in an improvement in the overall quality of life for its citizens.

Support: Keep those signups coming. With your help, we are building a strong volunteer force. Thank you! We need and appreciate your continued and generous financial support to be prepared for the general election campaign. You can make a secure donation online at or by mail to Post Office Box 1202, Jackson, MS 39215. Checks should be made payable to the Committee to Elect Rick Whitlow.

Don’t forget to write a letter to the editor or call a radio talk show to show your support for Rick’s candidacy. It is critical to keep the campaign message before the voters during this time when the focus is on the Democrat primary.


April 30th ? Deadline for voting absentee in the Municipal Clerk’s office for the primary. (Miss. Code Ann. ? 23-15-653 and ? 23-15-715 )

May 2nd ? Deadline for receipt of mailed absentee ballots in the Municipal Clerks office for the primary. (Miss Code Ann. ? 23- 15-631)

Rick is working hard on the Campaign trail, so if you see him out and about, don’t hesitate to talk to him, share your concerns, your ideas for solutions or just say hello.

Website: Individuals can learn more about the candidate and sign up for future newsletters on the website at

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