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Sure, Frank Melton lives in Jackson...

Sure, Frank Melton lives in Jackson – CL Letter to the Editor

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 8, 2005

Sure, Frank Melton lives in Jackson – CL Letter to the Editor

Does anyone really question whether Frank Melton lives in Jackson (“Melton’s status on ballot challenged,” April 5)?

Give me a break. Again, the failure of officials at the secretary of state’s office or the state Legislature to really look at Mississippi election laws is causing a non-issue to make headlines.

There is no question that Mr. Melton lives in Jackson. But because of the statement in the Election Code about homestead exemptions, someone is questioning his right to run.

Normally the homestead exemption loophole is used by individuals who don’t live in the districts in which they are running or currently hold office.

I believe for someone to challenge residency of an individual, he or she must show that individual spends a minimal amount of time at the address he or she declare as the address on his or her “intent to run for elective office” form.

There are too many cases where people run for elective office in districts where they don’t live, but Mr. Melton’s case is not one of them.

Robert Martin

Clarion Ledger

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