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Auditor’s answers don’t...

Auditor’s answers don’t resolve E-911 standoff

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 7, 2005

Auditor’s answers don’t resolve E-911 standoff

Jackson and Hinds County both got the answer they wanted from the state auditor’s office after asking whether the city can change its public safety communication system. . . .

Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr. said he and the Jackson City Council will meet Monday to discuss the next step. But for now, the city’s request is at least a month away from being resolved. The Hinds County Board of Supervisors voted Monday to put off the issue until after the May 3 municipal elections. . . .

Frank Melton, a Democratic candidate who faces Johnson in the May 3 primary, said, if elected, he would do just that and support the 911 Council. “There should only be one plan,” Melton said. “I have total trust in Larry Fisher. They are managing the money. I would rather go with the county so long as we all can communicate.” . . .

Rick Whitlow, a Republican mayoral candidate, said he doesn’t know enough about the specifics of either argument to make a call. “As a mayor, you need to have a working relationship with the county,” Whitlow said. “You need to sit down in a position outside of a public arena and hash out things through the art of negotiations.”

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