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Melton on Farish Street Hype

Melton on Farish Street Hype

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 5, 2005

Melton on Farish Street Hype

JACKSON: Jackson mayoral candidate Frank Melton made the following comment regarding today’s update on the progress of Farish Street:

“Why does it take Harvey eight years to realize that the crack houses on Farish Street need to come down? I would have thought he knew that back in 1997 when he announced his ?2000 by 2000′ plan. Instead of tearing down 2000 abandoned houses by the year 2000, 1700 have been torn down, and it’s now 2005. For months I have been saying that there are people and businesses on Farish Street that need to be supported by the City. Now, a month out from the elections, it seems that Harvey finally agrees with me.”

“People with businesses in that area want to see cranes and bulldozers. They are tired of hearing talk, and they want to see some action.” Melton also expressed his concern over bringing in businesses from New Orleans, Memphis or Atlanta. “We have some outstanding local businesses that have been very successful over the past ten to twenty years. I’d like to see them have the first opportunity to open a second location of their business in the Farish Street Entertainment District.”

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