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Johnson announces debate...

Johnson announces debate representatives

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 2, 2005

Johnson announces debate representatives

Jackson Mayor Harvey Johnson, Jr. announced today the appointment his representatives for the Democratic Mayoral Debate: Ambassador Ray Mabus, Judge Robert Gibbs and Dr. Corrine Anderson.
This group of Democratic dignitaries will meet with the other Democratic candidates and those organizations that have indicated an interest in hosting a live debate.

“Over the last two months, we have received numerous proposals from news and civic organizations requesting that we participate in a variety of debates. Although I look forward to engaging in a spirited discussion with the Democratic candidates, we have yet to agree to any particular debate event,” Johnson said. “While we understand the crucial role debates play in any election. We also understand how important it is that the process be fair.”
Mayor Johnson also pointed out that one of his challengers in the Democratic primary is a director of the Board that owns one of the TV news stations that is requesting a debate.

Johnson proposed that he and his Democratic challengers appoint representatives in order to discuss the best possible arrangement for all parties involved.

“We are asking that my two opponents identify their representatives in short order and that they begin a dialogue with our team,” said Johnson.
The mayor said that it is important to have a live, televised debate so that the citizens can see the candidates for themselves. Only qualified Democratic candidates should participate and the candidates should have sufficient time within the debate to fully express their views and respond to questions.

“We want to create a process that provides the citizens of Jackson with the opportunity they deserve to see and hear the candidates for mayor in a process that is open and objective.”

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