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Rick Whitlow Responds on Guardian...

Rick Whitlow Responds on Guardian Angels

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 1, 2005

by Rick Whitlow

Republican Mayoral Candidate

I was very pleased at the early success of the Guardian Angels in Jackson. I believe them to be a very important part of the crime reducing effort in the City of Jackson, and under my administration will be encouraged, and supported. It is very important that we improve our city’s image, and make sure people have a feeling of safety, and security when they are in their homes, neighborhoods, or visiting our city.

The Guardian Angels presence contributes to that feeling of if not well being, at least “better being.” The Guardian Angels can, and will be a preventive measure in our battle against crime. Who knows how many crimes can be prevented just because of their visibility, and presence.

Upon being elected I will work very hard with the Guardian Angels to make sure they remain a solid part of our overall crime fighting “Zero Tolerance” plan. I support them 100 percent.

*Photo courtesy of Alliance of Guardian Angels

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