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Rick Whitlow’s Newsletter

Rick Whitlow’s Newsletter

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 25, 2005

Rick Whitlow’s Newsletter

Newsletter: Please share this newsletter with all your friends, colleagues, and family. They can also access the newsletter directly from

Support: Your generous financial support is needed to enable the campaign to get our message of progress to the citizens of Jackson. You can make a secure donation online at or by mail to Post Office Box 1202, Jackson, MS 39215. Checks should be made payable to the Committee to Elect Rick Whitlow. We cannot win this race without your support.

Leadership Matters: Over the next several weeks I will be attending the Ward forums involving City Council candidates. They should prove to be very interesting and informative. The forums provide an opportunity to visit with citizens in each Ward and hear directly about their problems and concerns. The main topic of conversation at the Ward 2 forum held at Callaway H.S. on Monday, March 21, 2005, was crime and how it continues to negatively affect property values. Unfortunately, both issues are tied together. The dialogue and debate among the Ward 2 candidates was positive. All three seemed to also be convinced, as am I, that crime is the number one issue in this election. I found that to be very encouraging, because it is consistent with my platform on crime and my philosophy of “Zero tolerance.” When I am elected, I look forward to working with the council person from Ward 2 in implementing the “zero tolerance” crime fighting initiative. “Leadership Matters.”

Point Of Order: Last week I promised comments from a twenty-something year old about the void of entertainment in the City of Jackson for teenagers and young adults. I believe engaging our young people is critical to getting the City of Jackson back on track. Rachel’s comments are a bit long, but extremely insightful. I found it interesting and encouraging to learn that following the Ward 2 debate, (Clarion Ledger, “Ward 2 Debate”, 3/22/05) Eugene Jackson, president of the Pines Homeowners Association, said “Crime is everybody’s problem. As far as young adults, we really have a crisis with them. And if we don’t get a handle on it, all our efforts will be wasted.”

An Idle Mind is a Dangerous Mind. By Rachel

In a recent study, teenagers stated the main reason they engaged in sexual activities or drug activity is they had nothing else to do.* Teenagers and young adults want to have “fun” and when they don’t have any organized activities that they define as “fun”, they create activities for themselves. An idle mind is indeed a dangerous mind. In order for young people to participate in a safe entertainment activity they have to leave the City of Jackson where they reside and take their money to another city like Pearl, Ridgeland, Flowood, or Clinton. Revenue that could be generated in the City of Jackson is being given to neighboring cities. Additionally, most of the things that teenagers and young adults in the City of Jackson enjoy require a car in order for them to travel outside of the city. The JATRAN bus either doesn’t travel to the desired destination or the bus schedule is not conducive to a fun night after ten O”clock. This is not only bad for the teenagers but the city as a whole.

Young people should learn their moral values from their parents but they want to emulate the people they admire which in the “bling bling” era happens to be athletes and recording artists. Why do few, if any, major concerts come to Jackson, Mississippi? Is it because the artist don’t feel safe coming or are young people so accustomed to having violence occur at local events that they don’t buy tickets? We young people have to leave our home city in order to come in contact with the hottest artists, entertainers, and athletes. If we want to buy the same clothing that our favorite celebrity is wearing, more often then not, we have to travel to another city to buy that article of clothing. Young people from around the state should be flocking to the Capitol City to see their favorite celebrity, buy the latest fashions, and enjoy the best fun activities in the State. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

What happened to there is no place like home? I know twenty something adults that live in the City who long to leave Jackson in search of adventure or find it necessary as often as possible to go visit another city just to have a good time. These young adults don’t want to go out on the local scene for fear of carjackings and murders so they leave the Capitol City to spend their time and money in other cities in the Southeast. Why aren’t young people from other places in the South anxious to visit Jackson, MS instead of Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, or New Orleans? Young adults want contemporary shopping experiences and a thriving night life. Young people want to have as much excitement and fun in their life as possible. When opportunities of fun don’t present themselves from organized sources we tend to create opportunities for ourselves most of which involve excessive amounts of alcohol. Drunkenness, drug use, senseless crime, and irresponsible sex are all spawn by boredom. Having nothing to do is the biggest complaint I hear from young people in Jackson. In order to have a safer Jackson you must create positive and frequent activities that young people will enjoy and feel safe in participating.

I believe that Rick Whitlow understands the importance of quality education and discipline in our youth but feel that it is just as important that they are provided with safe and interesting things to do within their own city limits. Balance is very important for youth who truly believe in work hard, then play hard. Rick Whitlow will work hard as Mayor to find positive solutions to the problem of “nothing to do.”

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Trail bits: Rick enjoyed the St. Paddy’s Day Parade with the Sweet Potato Queens on Saturday, March 19, 2005.

WLBT-TV3 will host a debate for the party primary candidates on April 22, 2005. Details are still being worked. We’ll keep you informed.

The Clarion Ledger in conjunction with the League of Women Voters will host a debate for the Republican Primary candidates for Mayor on Sunday, April 24, 2005, beginning at 4:00 P.M. The debate will be at Murrah High School. We will continue to remind you of the Primary and the debate. Make plans now to come out and support Rick. No political signs or other campaign paraphernalia will be allowed inside.

If you or your organization would like to have Rick speak to your group, please call 601/927-2267; 601/927-3688; 601/944-0264 or email

Website: Individuals can learn more about the candidate and sign up for future newsletters on the website at

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
– John C. Maxwell –

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