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Rick Whitlow Campaign Newsletter

Rick Whitlow Campaign Newsletter

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 14, 2005

Rick Whitlow Campaign Newsletter

Newsletter: Please forward this newsletter to all your friends and family. Individuals can sign up for future newsletters on the website at

Point of Order: Let us not forget that there is a Republican Primary on May 3, 2005. We have been unable to find anyone associated with the Republican Party who knows the individual who qualified as a Republican Mayoral candidate to run against Rick in the primary. That fact is not as important as the fact that we must double our efforts to get our message to the people, to raise funds, and to get our voters to the polls on May 3, 2005.

Leadership Matters: As I go door to door around town talking to citizens, I don’t get very deep into the discussion before the subject of crime comes up. It remains foremost in the minds of Jacksonians. Only confirming, my long held belief, that people are concerned with being safe, restoring order, and making Jackson the kind of city we can all be proud to call home. When elected, I will create an environment that makes reducing crime the top priority. I believe once we successfully resolve the issue of crime, most everything else will fall into place. Economic development growth, better academically performing schools, and many other quality of life issues will be efficiently and aggressively pursued. We will start with a “Zero Tolerance” crime plan. It is a model that I have long advocated and which has been successful in other cities around the country. It will take strong leadership, commitment, and courage from the Mayor’s office to implement the “Zero Tolerance” concept. I will provide that leadership, because as I have said throughout the campaign, and will continue to say. “LEADERSHIP MATTERS.”

Support: Our numbers continue to grow. Have you signed up yet? You can volunteer online at or call 601/927-2267/214-3702. Let us count you in our number. Consider volunteering to work your neighborhood or your precinct, host a “meet and greet” the candidate at your home, doing some computer entry, making phone calls, addressing envelopes, etc.

* * You can request a bumper sticker via email to,
from the website at or call 601/927-2267/214-3702.

* * Letters to the Editor top the list as one of the greatest ways to spread the word about Rick’s candidacy for Mayor. If you are willing, we will provide you with any needed assistance. You can volunteer online at or call 601/927-2267/214-3702.

* *Listen to local talk radio and call in to show support for the Whitlow Candidacy. Just visit us at or call 601/927-2267/214-3702.

* * Donate and make a difference. An opponent in the Republican Primary makes our fundraising efforts even more critical. Your generous financial support is needed to fund a credible campaign. If you want positive change for progress in the City of Jackson, now is the time that you can make a difference. With your steadfast help and support, we can be victorious. Your generous financial support is needed to fund a successful campaign. We need your help. You can make a secure donation online at or by mail to Post Office Box 1202, Jackson, MS 39215. Checks should be made payable to the Committee to Elect Rick Whitlow.

Trailbits: * * Rick will participate in the “Legal Beagle” 5k fun run to benefit Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, March 12, 2005.

* * Rick will tape a program with Randy Bell on Monday March 14, 2005 to air Sunday April 20, 2005, between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on all Clear Channel Radio stations in the Jackson metropolitan area.

*** You can check out Rick’s calendar on the website at

Website: The campaign website can be accessed by logging on to . Share the site with your friends and colleagues. Watch the website at to keep up with the candidate and come out to provide support.

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