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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 14, 2005

The first guerilla attack in the Jackson mayoral election blog war has been launched, and it wasn’t us. It’s A BetterWhoIs lookup lists the owner as one Mark Lyon, who appears to be the same blogger running this site.

We were first alerted to the URL by a handmade poster taped to an electrical box at a northeast Jackson intersection. Hugh Hewitt, in his new bestseller “Blog”, repeatedly points out the challenge presented to establishment politicians and mainstream media by the peculiar use of the Internet known as blogging, in which detours are easily built – and taken – around traditional sources of information.

Given the exponential rate at which the number of blog viewers is increasing, for the city of Jackson, the poster taped to the electrical box may one day come to symbolize much, much more than just a curious kind of grafitti in a town where crime is considered the main issue.

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