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Oliver Diaz

Oliver is a lifelongMississippian, born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He graduated from the University of South Alabama, the University of Mississippi, and the University of Virginia. He is a lawyer, a judge, and a small business owner. Oliver has served in the Mississippi Legislature, has served as a judge on the Mississippi Court of Appeals, and as a Presiding Justice on the Mississippi Supreme Court. He has authored more than 300 opinions which have been published in the Southern Reporter. He has lectured at the National Press Club, the Center for American Progress, and the American Association for Justice along with various judicial, bar association, and law school events around the United States. Oliver has appeared on CNN, the BBC, CSPAN, NPR, and various national and local television and radio programs, and podcasts. Oliver is featured in the award winning HBO documentary “Hot Coffee.” Best-selling author John Grisham has stated that Oliver served as the inspiration for his novel “The Appeal.” He has been highlighted in numerous publications including the New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, the ABA Journal, the Huffington Post, and various news outlets and blogs. Oliver enjoys photography and sharing his travel photos. He and his wife Jen enjoy hiking and spend their free time in Oxford, playing tennis, and traveling the world. They share their journeys, tips, photos, and observations on their blog “Ol Around the World” at