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Mississippi Senate Committee Chairmen...

Mississippi Senate Committee Chairmen Named

By: Sarah Ulmer - January 11, 2024

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann has released the names of those Senators who will serve as Chairmen and Vice Chairmen as well as the full listing of the Senate Committees for the next four years.

Moving into the next term, a few chairmanships will change in the Mississippi Senate, but the leaders of big committees such as Appropriations, Education and Medicaid will remain the same as they were for the previous four years.

“We have spent hundreds of hours working on these assignments,” Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann said in a statement.

Hosemann is the appointing authority for committees in the Mississippi Senate as the President of the chamber.

“My decision in these appointments is to place Senators in the best position to serve the State of Mississippi and the citizens who sent us here; secondly, where they are best positioned to serve the Mississippi Senate; and finally, to honor each Senator’s committee preferences where it was feasible to do so,” Hosemann continued. “We have a great team and I’m ready to get to work on the challenges and opportunities awaiting us this term.”

Hosemann, a Republican, named 10 Democrats as chairmen of the 41 Senate committees. In 2020, Hosemann appointed 13 Democrats to chairmanships in the chamber’s then 43 committees.

Of note, Senator Briggs Hopson (R) continues as Appropriations chairman while Senator Juan Barnett (D) stays on as chairman of Corrections.

Senator Dennis DeBar (R) retains his chairmanship of Education while Senator David Blount (D) is over Gaming.

The new Government Structure Committee established this session is being chaired by Senator Chris Johnson (R).

The full list of chairman and vice-chairmen are as follows:

Accountability, Efficiency,
and Transparency

David Parker, Chair
Jason Barrett, Vice-Chair        


Chuck Younger, Chair
Andy Berry, Vice-Chair


W. Briggs Hopson III, Chair
John A. Polk, Vice-Chair                                    

Business and Financial Institutions

John A. Polk, Chair
Chad McMahan, Vice-Chair


Angela Burks Hill, Chair
Derrick T. Simmons, Vice-Chair


Juan Barnett, Chair
Lydia Graves Chassaniol, Vice-Chair

County Affairs

Derrick Simmons, Chair
Joseph M. Seymour, Vice-Chair

Drug Policy

Angela Turner-Ford, Chair
Angela Burks Hill, Vice-Chair

Economic and Workforce

Daniel H. Sparks, Chair
Benjamin Suber, Vice-Chair


Dennis DeBar Jr., Chair
David Blount, Vice-Chair


Jeremy England, Chair
Kevin Blackwell, Vice-Chair


Joel R. Carter Jr., Chair
Bart Williams, Vice-Chair

Enrolled Bills 

David Jordan, Chair
Juan Barnett, Vice-Chair

Environmental Protection,
Conservation, and Water Resources

Scott DeLano, Chair
Mike Thompson, Vice-Chair


Joseph M. Seymour, Chair
Gary Brumfield, Vice-Chair

Executive Contingent Fund

Sollie B. Norwood, Chair
Angela Turner-Ford, Vice-Chair


Josh Harkins, Chair 
Chris Johnson, Vice-Chair                                                   


Tyler McCaughn, Chair
Brian Rhodes, Vice-Chair


David Blount, Chair
Chuck Younger, Vice-Chair  

Government Structure

Chris Johnson, Chair
Jenifer B. Branning, Vice-Chair 

Highways and Transportation

Jenifer B. Branning, Chair
Rita Potts Parks, Vice-Chair


John Horhn, Chair
Jeff Tate, Vice-Chair


J. Walter Michael, Chair
Michael McLendon, Vice-Chair

Interstate and Federal Cooperation

Hillman Frazier, Chair
Sollie B. Norwood, Vice-Chair

Investigate State Offices

Albert Butler, Chair
Sarita Simmons, Vice-Chair

Judiciary, Division A

Brice Wiggins, Chair
Tyler McCaughn, Vice-Chair

Judiciary, Division B

Joey Fillingane, Chair
Daniel H. Sparks, Vice-Chair


Jason Barrett, Chair
Joseph Thomas, Vice-Chair

Local and Private

Rita Potts Parks, Chair
Neil S. Whaley, Vice-Chair


Kevin Blackwell, Chair
Nicole Boyd, Vice-Chair


Chad McMahan, Chair
Rod Hickman, Vice-Chair

Ports and Marine Resources

Mike Thompson, Chair
Jeremy England, Vice-Chair

Public Health and Welfare  

Hob Bryan, Chair
David Parker, Vice-Chair                                                       

Public Property

Benjamin Suber, Chair
Albert Butler, Vice-Chair

State Library

Michael McLendon, Chair
Reginald Jackson, Vice-Chair


Bart Williams, Chair
Bradford Blackmon, Vice-Chair


Lydia Graves Chassaniol, Chair
Robin Robinson, Vice-Chair                     

Universities and Colleges

Nicole Boyd, Chair
Scott DeLano, Vice-Chair

Veterans and Military Affairs

Jeff Tate, Chair
John Horhn, Vice-Chair

Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks

Neil S. Whaley, Chair
Philman Ladner, Vice-Chair

For the full list of Senate Committees showing where each Senator will serve, see below:

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