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Election 2023: On the Campaign Trail...

Election 2023: On the Campaign Trail – July 14, 2023

By: Frank Corder - July 14, 2023
Campaign Election 2023

From TV ads to endorsements to talking to a herd of cattle, see what’s happening on the campaign trail in Mississippi this week.

Here’s a recap of the latest happenings on the campaign trail as Mississippi voters prepare to cast their ballots this fall.

Brown talks to cows in new TV ad for Northern District Public Service Commissioner

State Rep. Chris Brown, a Republican candidate for Northern District Public Service Commissioner, released a new TV ad this week that mixes politics with a bit of levity.

In the ad, Brown is shown discussing his policy positions with a herd of cattle, mainly aimed at pushing back against the Biden Administration’s policies.

Stepping in a clump of manure, Brown says, “Aw, man. I got woke policy all over my boots.”

The ad follows that up with Brown telling a cow, “It’s unfair to blame climate change on you,” as the cow is heard releasing an expulsion of gas from its intestines.

Brown concludes the ad by saying, “We must elect a proven conservative as Public Service Commissioner. The stakes are just too high.” A loud “moo” is heard, followed by Brown adding, “Whoa, I’m sorry. Not that kind of steaks.”

Brown is running against Tanner Newman in the open seat in the August 8th GOP Primary. The winner will be the next PSC Commissioner for the Northern District as no Democrat qualified to seek the seat.

Reeves, Presley release new TV ads

The campaigns for incumbent Republican Governor Tate Reeves and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Brandon Presley each released new TV ads this week.

While Reeves has been on the airwaves for months with two previous ads – “Mississippi Momentum” and “You’re Hired!” – touting the challenges and successes he’s faced over the last four years along with the positive growth in Mississippi’s economy, this is the first TV ad buy by the Presley camp.

In Reeves’ new ad titled “Up at Dawn,” the Mississippi Governor takes on the movement that seeks to allow biological males to play in women’s sports. Reeves signed SB 2536, the Mississippi Fairness Act, into law in May 2021 that prohibits the move. The ad, which features Reeves’ daughter, says he will draw the line in Mississippi.

Democratic challenger Presley’s new ad titled “Our Rock” harkens back to his campaign kickoff announcement video, using similar imagery and reminding viewers of his upbringing in Nettleton.

The ad opens with Presley highlighting his mother’s work ethic and support. He then talks about his service as Mayor and Northern District Public Service Commissioner. Presley concludes the ad by hitting his campaign’s most discussed points, those being expanding Medicaid, cutting the sales tax on groceries and reducing car tag fees, and putting corrupt politicians in jail.

The two campaigns are likely to be trading jabs through their ad buys for months to come, as Presley is now unopposed in the Democratic Primary and Reeves is the frontrunner in the three-man race for the Republican nomination.

Hosemann, McDaniel tout latest endorsements, question another

The Republican race for Lt. Governor continues to be the most watched Primary challenge in Mississippi. This week, the two leading candidates – incumbent Delbert Hosemann and State Senator Chris McDaniel – traded press releases touting new endorsements while also questioning the validity of another.

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann (Photo from campaign)

Hosemann’s camp highlighted an endorsement from the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF).

“Your opposition to gun control schemes – including criminalizing private transfers, ‘universal’ background checks, and semi-auto bans – is well-established. At the same time, your support of the right of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones will protect future generations in the Magnolia State,” NRA-PVF Chairman Randy Kozuch said of Hosemann. “We appreciate your enthusiasm for the Second Amendment and your attention to firearm-related issues during your first term as lieutenant governor.”

The incumbent expressed his appreciation for the NRA’s backing, saying in a statement, “As an avid hunter and lifetime member of the NRA, we will always defend the constitutional right to bear arms—not only to protect ourselves and our families but also for sport.”

Hosemann’s camp noted that the incumbent received an “A” rating from the NRA-PVF. However, according to the NRA’s website, his opponent Sen. McDaniel is also listed with an “A” rating, just not the endorsement.

McDaniel’s camp rolled out their own endorsement they believed to be worthy of a release. It came from the American Family Association Action’s iVoter Guide. The AFA candidate rankings identified McDaniel as the “very conservative” candidate in the race for Lt. Governor while scoring Hosemann as “moderate.”

“I’m thankful for the leadership of American Family Foundation Action in preserving our conservative, Mississippi values every day. Their recognition of my conservative record in the legislature and commitment to our values is very humbling,” McDaniel said in a statement.

The Jones County state senator used the endorsement release to once again call for a debate with Hosemann, saying, “…I urge my opponent to participate in the hallmark of American elections – by debating the issues Mississippians care most about ahead of August’s election.”

No such forum has been agreed to by both campaigns at this point.

Also of note this week on the campaign trail in the Lt. Governor’s race, the validity of a flyer allegedly sent out by Black Lives Matter provoked the ire of Hosemann’s camp while making headlines in Mississippi Today. The flyer in question has been shared on social media. It lists Hosemann among candidates the controversial group is backing this election cycle. Hosemann’s campaign has accused the McDaniel campaign of dirty tricks, saying it’s “typical of my opponent’s campaign style.” McDaniel’s campaign told Mississippi Today that it is trying to determine whether the flyer is real and “has intentionally not distributed claims we have not directly confirmed that could invoke undue harm to our fellow Republicans.”

The two will meet in the August 8th Republican Primary along with Tiffany Longino, another candidate on the ballot for Lt. Governor.


Magnolia Tribune will bring you more happenings from the Mississippi campaign trail throughout the 2023 election cycle. Be sure and check back often for more updates.

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