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Election 2023: On the Campaign Trail...

Election 2023: On the Campaign Trail – June 2, 2023

By: Frank Corder - June 2, 2023
Campaign Election 2023

Presley postpones his wedding, Reeves’ Chief of Staff moves to his campaign, Lt. Governor candidates release ads, and more.

Here’s a recap of the latest happenings on the campaign trail as Mississippi voters prepare to cast their ballots this fall.

Presley postpones wedding

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brandon Presley shared on social media earlier this week that he and his fiancé, Katelyn Mabus, were postponing their wedding that was set for June 3rd.

“We have been looking forward to our wedding, set for June 3rd, for many months. And man, did we think we could pull it all off!” Presley wrote. “But, it turns out that the commitments and pressures of a statewide campaign, house renovations, plus some serious illnesses on Katelyn’s side of the family, have turned this timing into something more stressful than special.”

Presley said the two were postponing their nuptials “until a time when we can really relax and enjoy the celebration.”

“We are sad to have to wait, but know this is the right decision,” the Northern District Public Service Commissioner wrote.

Reeves’ Chief of Staff moves to campaign

Chief of Staff Parker Briden is leaving the official office of Governor Tate Reeves on June 2 to serve as a Senior Advisor to the Republican’s re-election campaign.

Briden has served as Chief of Staff for Governor Reeves since 2021. He previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff and managed communications for Reeves’ 2019 campaign. In addition, Briden is founding a political, crisis, and business consulting firm.

Anne Hall Brashier, the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, will serve as interim Chief of Staff.

Hosemann releases first TV ad ahead of GOP Primary

On Thursday, Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann released the first 30-second TV spot in his bid for re-election. His campaign team said it highlights the incumbent’s achievements while in office that have made state government leaner and more efficient.

You can watch the Hosemann ad below.

The ad, titled “Fiscal Responsibility,” is reminiscent of his previous campaign ads, showing Hosemann seated on a bench. However, in this ad, there is no good-humored play on words related to his name. Hosemann forthrightly speaks to the camera, touting a decrease in state employees of roughly 2,300, the paying off of $500 million in state debt, and the passage of the 2022 income tax cut. Hosemann also promotes the teacher pay increase passed in the prior year.

The change in tone in Hosemann’s 2023 campaign compared to his previous runs for Secretary of State, and even Lt. Governor in 2019, is likely due to the aggressiveness of his main Republican Primary opponent, State Sen. Chris McDaniel.

McDaniel has been traversing the state, labeling Hosemann a Democrat while questioning his positions on further tax relief, Medicaid expansion, and more. McDaniel has a number of web ads up and running on social media, one of which released on May 22nd is titled “Delbert’s Democrats,” which references Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brandon Presley and Senate Minority Leader Derrick Simmons.

The two will square off in the GOP Primary on August 8th alongside fellow candidates Shane Quick and Tiffany Longino. The Republican nominee will then meet Democratic candidate Ryan Grover in the November General Election.

Updated Campaign Finance Reports due June 9th

The Mississippi Secretary of State’s office sent notices to all state and legislative candidates this week, reminding them of the approaching campaign finance reporting deadline.

Periodic Campaign Finance Reports are due for May 2023 from candidates and political committees supporting or opposing 2023 candidates by 5:00 p.m. on June 9th.

The reports may either be filed electronically through the Secretary of State’s campaign finance online filing system or by paper. The reports can be filed with the Secretary of State by mail, email or fax.

Nearly 80 candidates for state and legislative offices either failed to file or filed late during the last reporting period that was due on May 10th.

Reeves announces county chairs, support from grassroots leaders

On Tuesday, Governor Tate Reeves’ re-election campaign announced county chairs in all 82 Mississippi counties.

“Governor Reeves county chairs include small business owners, teachers, veterans, and state/local elected officials from across the state. Each of these individuals will play a critical role in leading our campaign to reach every voter in Mississippi,” Reeves campaign manager Elliott Husbands said in a statement.

Later in the week, Reeves’ campaign announced another round of support, this time touting over 500 grassroots leaders from across the state to “lead Team Tate efforts in their local communities.”

“Influential local electeds, small business owners, teachers, and first responders continue to join our team because they know that Mississippi has momentum,” Governor Reeves was quoted as saying.


Magnolia Tribune will bring you more happenings from the Mississippi campaign trail throughout the 2023 election cycle. Be sure and check back often for more updates.

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