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Governor Reeves proposes nearly $1.3...

Governor Reeves proposes nearly $1.3 billion in infrastructure investments

By: Anne Summerhays - February 16, 2023

Governor Tate Reeves announces his infrastructure plan on Thursday, February 16, 2023 (photo from Governor Reeves' office - Hunter Estes)

The Mississippi Governor announced $57 million in new funding to develop project-ready sites for future economic development.

During a press conference on Thursday, Governor Tate Reeves announced his plan to promote economic development and capital investments in Mississippi. His plan includes proposed major infrastructure investments throughout Mississippi.

“My plan that we’re announcing today is comprised of two parts and as you will recall when I released my EBR [Executive Budget Recommendations] several months ago, I made sure to point out this plan would be forthcoming,” Reeves said. “We’ve worked with a lot of stakeholders over the last several of months to get here and I’m proud of it.”

Reeves’ proposed infrastructure investments represent approximately $1.3 billion in transportation capacity project funding. Included in the $1.3 billion is an additional investment of $100 million into the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Program, which all 300 municipalities and 82 counties across Mississippi are eligible to apply for.

“These projects include actions such as widening Mississippi’s highways, pavement rehabilitation and restoration, and inter-change improvements,” Reeves said.

Additionally, the plan includes $57 million in grants to develop project-ready sites across Mississippi.

According to the Governor’s office, these sites are critical to attracting large businesses to the state. Once finished, those sites will allow companies to relocate to Mississippi immediately.

Governor Reeves said his plan does not just cover one part of Mississippi – it covers every region of the state.

“My proposal is an actionable plan that will increase further economic growth and set up our fellow Mississippians for further prosperity,” Reeves said.

Governor Reeves outlined that in order to better position Mississippi for further economic growth, the state must invest in its roads and increase the number of project-ready sites.

“These investments will go an incredibly long way toward giving Mississippi the competitive advantage it needs to land more economic development projects and deliver more high-quality, high-paying jobs for Mississippians,” Reeves said.

The Mississippi Governor expressed his desire to continue improving the lives of Mississippians, to better position the state for better economic growth and even more job creation. He said the state needs to continue investing in its infrastructure and take steps that will help companies bring products to market faster. Reeves said his plan will make that happen.

“I’m calling for Mississippi to make a massive investment in our state’s roads so Mississippi can further establish itself as a leader in supporting the global supply chain,” Reeves said.

He explained that Mississippi is in the best financial and fiscal shape it has ever been in.

“The fact is, that our fiscally conservative approach to governing has put us in a position to have excess reserves that we can invest,” Reeves said. “It is my belief that your government has a responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. We should be focused on using these funds in a way that maximizes benefits of Mississippians and in a way that provides them with the greatest return on their investment. That’s exactly what my plan does.”

When explaining why the state should go forward with his plan, the Governor said it will help commuters, it will entice more businesses to relocate to Mississippi, and it will make it easier to visit and spend money “in our beautiful state.”

“By funding these projects, Mississippi can send a signal to businesses around the world that our state has dependable, reliable, and safe roads that make it easier for companies to get their products to the market,” he added.

Governor Reeves said road construction projects could take six to eight years on average for the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to move from the initial planning stages to the final stages of construction.

“All of these projects are nearing the end of the pre-construction phase. Once MDOT receives money to fund these projects, they can be moved toward the final stages of construction,” Reeves said. “The vast majority of these projects are in MDOT’s three-year plan. If they are not funded, they will simply sit idly by.”

Every day the state waits, Reeves said, the projects become more expensive, saying that is exactly why the time is right to make the investments now.

“I am proposing funding some of the most construction ready projects in the state,” Reeves said. “The launch of these nineteen projects will move up every planned construction project that is also in the pipeline. This will advance other critical efforts up the list for future funding opportunities.”

The list of infrastructure proposals and selected site development projects can be found below.

Northern Commission District

•    Tippah County- $150,086,966 for new alignment of MS 15 from Union County Line to 1 mile north of MS 4 at Ripley

•    Tippah County- $45,000,000 for new alignment of SR 2 from existing SR 15 to SR 15 Bypass

•    Lafayette County- $150,000,000 for new alignment of MS 7 from MS 9 to .2 mile north of SR 6

•    DeSoto County- $124,794,895 for widening of I-55 from Church Road to MS 302

•    Total Funding Requested (Northern Commission District): $469,881,861

Central Commission District

•    Neshoba County- $65,000,000 for widening of SR 19 from MS 492 to Tucker

•    Warren County- $10,300,000 for interchange improvement of Flowers Interchange

•    Yazoo County- $49,419,865 for pavement of US 49 to Bentonia to Yazoo City

•    Leflore County- $20,250,000 for the pavement of US 82, .24 miles West of SR 7 (Itta Bena) to .34 miles West of US 49E

•    Madison County- $65,000,000 for widening of I-55 from SR 463 to Gluckstadt

•    Lauderdale County- $10,000,000 for widening of US 80, Jimmy Rodgers Parkway to Russell

•    Rankin County- $55,000,000 for widening of SR 25 from Grant’s Ferry to SR 471 (including interchange improvements at 471)

•    Total Funding Requested (Central Commission District): $274,969,865

Southern Commission District

•    Harrison County- $43,014,474 for pavement rehab and widening of US 49 O’Neal Road to School Road

•    Covington County- $20,000,000 for pavement restoration of US 84 East of Collins

•    Jackson County– $60,000,000 for widening of US 90 from SR 609 to Dolphin Drive

•    Lincoln County- $30,000,000 for US 84 rubblization of concrete section from US 51 to SR 184

•    Walthall County- $6,000,000 for reconstruction of SR 48 at Davo Creek

•    Franklin County- $25,000,000 for reconstruction and slide repair of US 84 near Roxie

•    Forrest County- $64,530,000 for I-59 interchange improvements at I-59 and US 11- Phase 1

•    Forrest County- $111,900,000 for I-59 interchange improvements at I-59 and US 98- Phase 2

•    Total Funding Requested (Southern Commission District): $360,444,474

Proposed Funding for Existing Projects

•    Union County- $17,585,773 for widening, grading, bridging, and paving of SR 15 from the Pontotoc County Line to Kings Creek south of New Albany 

•    Washington County- $35,860,000 for paving US 82 Greenville Bypass from MS River Bridge to SR 1

•    Pike County- $7,800,000 for rubblization of concrete section from US 98/SR 24 to Summit and interchange improvements

•    Hancock/Harrison Counties- $24,000,000 for widening of I-10 from Diamondhead to Wolf River

The proposed $85,245,773 for these existing projects will free up funds, providing MDOT with further flexibility to fund additional infrastructure projects.

Total ALL DISTRICTS (Not Funded): $1,105,296,201

Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Proposed Funds: $100,000,000

Total Requested: $1,290,541,974

Governor Reeves also announced almost $57 million in new funding toward developing project-ready sites across the state. Site development grant funding was made available through the Mississippi Development Authority and Appalachian Regional Commission.

Site Development Projects Selected by Governor Reeves

•    EagleOne – Forrest and Lamar Counties: $9,091,513 to clear the site and build an all-weather road

•    Vicksburg River Megasite and Port Complex – Warren County: $4,948,086 for wetlands mitigation

•    Martintown North – Union County: $1,230,018 for land purchase, tree removal, design work and due diligence

•    RailHub South – Alcorn County: $3,307,300 to study electric capacity at the site, improve ingress and egress and clear acreage

•    Megasite at Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park – Marshall County: $2,048,813 to improve wastewater capacity

•    Oxford-Lafayette County Industrial Park – Lafayette County: $3,274,000 for clearing, improving road infrastructure and grading

•    Jackson County Aviation Technology Park – Jackson County: $3,265,552 for clearing and upgrades to the water service

•    Coldwater Site – Tate County: $100,000 for due diligence

•    Madison County Megasite – Madison County: $5,083,360 for access road extension with another entrance

•    Pearl River County Industrial Park – Pearl River County: $2,250,000 for access road improvements, clearing and grading

•    George County Industrial Park: $215,200 for clearing, grading, access road improvements, make rail access plans and plans for water and wastewater

•    Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce: $250,000 for clearing, excavating, and drainage improvements at Charles W. Dean Industrial Park

•    Economic Development Authority of Jones County: $250,000 for updated environmental due diligence, extending of existing roadways and constructing temporary railroad crossing at the I-59 South Industrial Site

•    Harrison County Development Commission: $150,000 for environmental due diligence at the GST Site

•    Hinds County Economic Development Authority: $119,250 for environmental due diligence and site clearing of trees and brush at Wyndale Industrial Center

•    Marion County Economic Development District: $250,000 for environmental due diligence and access road improvements at the Marion Regional AirPlex and IndustryPlex

•    Industrial Development Authority of Neshoba County: $250,000 for road improvements at the Neshoba County Industrial Park

•    Pike County Economic Development District: $250,000 for tree removal, signage, clearing and grubbing, along with creating a building pad, at Gateway Industrial Park

•    Rankin First Economic Development Authority: $250,000 for clearing and grading at East Metro Center Rail Site at the EMC Industrial Park

•    Claiborne County Port Commission: $17,500 for completing environmental due diligence at Claiborne County Port

•    Cleveland-Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce: $34,000 for completing environmental due diligence at Cleveland Municipal Airport

•    City of Fulton: $27,048 for flow assessments on the natural gas system for the Port Itawamba Harbor site

•    Greene County: $50,000 for environmental due diligence for 20 acres in Greene County Industrial Park

•    Pearl River County Board of Supervisors: $50,000 for completing environmental due diligence and clearing of 10 acres at Pearl River County Technology Park

•    Wayne County Board of Supervisors: $25,000 for environmental due diligence at Meadowlands Industrial Park

•    Yalobusha County Economic Development District: $16,190 to complete environmental due diligence at Gardiner Industrial Park

Port Improvements ($9,803,700):
•    Port of Aberdeen: $803,700 for site improvements, rehabilitation and new truck scale house

•    Port Bienville: $2 million to build a new warehouse

•    Yellow Creek Port: $1 million to construct a dry storage and equipment building

•    Amory Port North: $2 million to build a berth wall to improve loading and unloading

•    Port of Pascagoula River Harbor: $4 million to build rail cargo foundation with storage and staging

ARC Funding ($9,317,880): Martintown North, RailHub South, and the Megasite at Chickasaw Trail Industrial Park have been approved by Governor Reeves for ARC funding totaling $9,317,880 and are invited to submit full applications to ARC for ARC Southern Appalachian Automotive Worker Funding.

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