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Mississippi OBGYN has Divine...

Mississippi OBGYN has Divine Appointments in podcast

By: Courtney Ingle - January 13, 2023

Divine Appointments with Meredith Travelstead.

Dr. Travelstead shares interviews with retired missionaries, doctors, advocates, bereaved parents and her own family – with their own share of medical miracles.

Dr. Meredith Travelstead is an OBGYN at The Women’s Clinic in Jackson, but according to her, that’s just her day-to-day job.

She is also the host of Divine Appointments, an interview-based podcast in which Travelstead shares her faith and highlights the unique faith stories of others.

“God has appointed times in our lives with each of us,” said Travelstead. “Psalm 105:1-5 is my theme scripture because we are ‘talking about’ and ‘remembering’ these appointed times in this podcast. In Genesis, these were appointed times to meet with God, to remember what God has done, and what He will do.”

What exactly makes these appointments divine?

“The temple or tabernacle is within you as a believer in the heart of the believer. So, when you are in ‘appointment with another person’ this also is an appointed time. Because Jesus ‘tabernacles’ with you,” said Travelstead. 

Divine Appointments has seemingly been a podcast for years in the making, long before podcasting was even thought of, as evidenced with Travelstead’s first guest. 

“God put a ‘stamp’ on a divine appointment for me with Ishmael Harley,” Travelstead said. “I delivered him and then 22 years later I was able to meet him and get to know him. God said, ‘Look. I had a divine appointment for Ishmael and a divine appointment for you.’”

Harley is the associate minister at CityChurch in South Jackson. 

Travelstead said the goals of Divine Appointments are simple. 

“(We are) remembering and thus encouraging people that God is still here and working every day if we will pay attention and look for Him,” she said. “Seek the Lord and you will find Him!” 

Travelstead quotes Psalm 9:10 as a driving force for the podcast – “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

“On this podcast we seek to remember the miraculous ways Jesus Christ is working in our world,” said Travelstead. “We remember how God has both performed a work in us and also has prepared a work for us to do.”

From interviews with retired missionaries, doctors, advocates, bereaved parents and her own family – with their own share of medical miracles – Dr. Travelstead has lived up to her own set rules for her podcast – to give thanks, call on, make known, sing to, talk about, boast about, seek and remember Jesus Christ. 

“Divine Appointments. His Story through you,” said Travelstead. “Joining Jesus where He is already working.”

Divine Appointments can be found on Facebook, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts. 

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Courtney Ingle

Courtney Ingle is a freelance writer from Brandon, Mississippi. She has years of journalism experience writing for radio, print, and the web. She and her husband Jeremy have two children, Taylor and Jacob and they are members of Park Place Baptist Church in Pearl, Mississippi.