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State Senator Joel Carter elected as...

State Senator Joel Carter elected as Chairman of the Energy Council for 2022-2023

By: Anne Summerhays - September 20, 2022

Carter says the Council’s roll is for energy producing states to develop model policy to protect and strengthen all types of energy production.

On Monday, South Mississippi State Senator Joel Carter announced that he has been appointed as the incoming Chairman of the Energy Council for 2022-2023.

The Energy Council is a non-partisan legislative organization founded in 1975. The organization was formed to provide a forum for producing state legislators interested in energy policy.

The council allows legislative policymakers to maintain a dialogue and learn more about energy issues of importance to their states, citizens, environment and revenue base.

“I am honored to have been elected to serve as the incoming Chairman of The Energy Council,” Senator Carter said. “I preside over my first meeting in December.”

The council is currently made up of 14 States, 2 Canadian Providences and many private sector partners.

“For energy producing states and provinces, a better understanding of energy markets, technology and policy, as well as related environmental concerns, benefits lawmakers and their constituents. The Energy Council is a proven resource for developing energy policy leadership,” the Energy Council website states.

State Senator Carter spoke with Y’all Politics about his position and the importance of the council.

As Chairman, Carter said he will oversee the Executive Director and Staff during his tenure and make sure they follow the approved budget.

“I’m responsible for recruiting other energy producing states to the Council. I will preside over four meetings starting in December. I will also run the executive board meetings and keep the members of the board updated on the performance of the Council,” Carter explained.

Senator Carter said the roll of the Council is for energy producing states to develop model policy to protect and strengthen all types of energy production.

“This Council has high ranking legislators from the various States that have relationships with their members of Congress,” Carter continued. “It’s important that our energy policy needs are not only addressed in the States but also in Congress.”

State Senator Carter is the current chairman of the Mississippi Senate Energy Committee and represents Senate District 49.

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