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Out-of-network care to begin for BCBS...

Out-of-network care to begin for BCBS members at UMMC

By: Sarah Ulmer - July 1, 2022

University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

No relief for consumers relying on BCBS-MS and UMMC at the end of the mediation period.

Mediation continues between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi and the University of Mississippi Medical Center regarding insurance coverage for patients at the teaching hospital.

When no resolution was initially found between the two entities, State Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney offered a mediation period that would last through June 30, 2022. That day is the final day of the state’s fiscal period with July 1 bringing in the 2023 fiscal year.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

“With the continuation of care period ending today, any future non-emergency care provided by UMMC to BCBSMS Insured and Self-Insured Members, BlueCard Members and Federal Employees will be fully out-of-network,” said Chaney in a statement on the 30th.  “It was my hope when I offered mediation several months ago that an agreement would be reached by close of business on June 30, 2022. Sadly, that is not the case. However, mediation is ongoing, and I remain optimistic that both parties can reach an agreement and not leave tens of thousands of consumers hanging in the balance.”

Chaney added the Insurance Department is available to assist any BCBS-MS members and UMMC patients that have questions concerning co-pays and out-of-pocket limits.  You can reach MID at 1-800-562-2957.

The Insurance Commissioner added that the calls and emails from concerned citizens have been rolling in.  Individuals are concerned with the lack of an agreement, and they hope to keep their insurance provider as well as their healthcare provider the same.

“This is a stark reminder that the only ones impacted by the dispute are the consumers. As your Insurance Commissioner, I am doing everything I can to ensure individuals continue to have access to the healthcare provider of their choice with minimal disruption,” said Chaney.

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