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Ezell picks up MS04 runoff endorsements...

Ezell picks up MS04 runoff endorsements from all of the other Republican challengers to Palazzo

By: Frank Corder - June 9, 2022

Incumbent Congressman Palazzo finished with 32% of the vote in Tuesday’s Republican Primary that featured 6 challengers. 

On Thursday, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell was joined in Gulfport by four of the five other Republican Primary challengers in the 4th Congressional District for a press conference where each of the former candidates endorsed Ezell’s campaign in the June 28th Runoff against incumbent Congressman Steven Palazzo.

While all of the challengers were not able to attend the press conference, Ezell started the event by saying he has spoken to each of them, and they have all offered their endorsement in the runoff.

This comes on the heels of Wednesday’s endorsement by third-place finisher Clay Wagner.

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Congressman Palazzo won 32% of the vote in the Tuesday Midterm Primary while Ezell pulled in 25% and Wagner gained 22%. The other 21% was spread between State Senator Brice Wiggins, Raymond Brooks, Carl Boyanton and Kidron Peterson.

In announcing their endorsement of Ezell, the other candidates each voiced that Tuesday’s vote showed the 4th District was ready for a change.

Ezell released a new TV and web ad on Wednesday, saying he is the clear choice between he and Palazzo. The ad calls attention to Palazzo’s ethics inquiry into the use of campaign funds while highlighting Ezell’s law enforcement background.

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