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Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson...

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson takes center stage at January 6th Prime-time Hearing

By: Frank Corder - June 8, 2022

The 2nd District Congressman easily won the Democratic Primary in Tuesday’s Midterm Election.

On Tuesday, Mississippi 30-year incumbent 2nd District Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson cruised through the Midterm Primary Election as expected, winning over 96% of the vote in the two-man race that saw roughly 44,000 voters turnout to cast a ballot.

Thompson now turns his attention to Thursday as he seeks to win the hearts and minds of Americans across the country when he will chair a hearing on the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot scheduled to be held in prime-time and shown across most major national TV networks.  It is the first in a series of hearings that are scheduled to take place in June.

As Thompson sees it, the hearings are about saving democracy, a talking point Democrats have employed throughout the committee’s work and repeated routinely across the mainstream media.

But it is well-known that Congressman Thompson dislikes, perhaps even despises, former President Donald Trump.  Thompson was a constant critic of the former President throughout his term in the White House.  The chairman openly blamed Trump for the Capitol riot on January 6th, going so far as to file a federal lawsuit accusing Trump of inciting an insurrection and conspiring with his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and extremist groups such the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, to attempt to prevent Congress from certifying the results of the 202 Presidential Election.

That lawsuit from Thompson was filed after Trump was acquitted in the Impeachment Trial in the U.S. Senate by a vote of 57-43, when Democrats failed to get the required 2/3 majority needed to convict.

Thompson dropped out of the lawsuit a few months later before Speaker Pelosi named him as the chairman of the January 6th Committee.

“In an effort to avoid even the appearance of a conflict, I have dismissed my claim in the lawsuit that I brought to address the events of January 6, 2021.  And, I will refrain from sharing information that I acquire as Chair of the Select Committee that is not already available to the public or to members of Congress,” said Congressman Thompson in the July 2021 press statement.

Thursday’s hearing is now being billed as the House committee’s unveiling of their work during their investigation into the events of that day, complete with video footage, audio recordings, and testimony obtained since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, appointed the partisan committee last year.

In addition to chairing Pelosi’s January 6th Committee, Thompson also chairs the House Homeland Security Committee.

The January 6th Committee is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. Those two Republicans are Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

Speaker Pelosi rejected Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recommended appointees to the committee and all Republicans but those two declined to participate in what some have called a witch hunt.

An increasing number of conservatives view the committee and these prime-time TV production hearings as a way for Democrats to change the narrative ahead of the Midterm Elections as more and more Americans grow displeased with the Biden Administration’s handling of the economy, foreign affairs and more.

Over the course of the January 6th Committee’s work, they have held interviews with more than 1,000 witnesses and gathered more than 100,000 pieces of evidence to make their case to the American people.

The Committee is being assisted in their prime-time TV production by a former ABC executive along with other former news reporters. Some are calling it the highest profile “blockbuster” political production in a generation.

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Frank Corder is a native of Pascagoula. For nearly two decades, he has reported and offered analysis on government, public policy, business and matters of faith. Frank’s interviews, articles, and columns have been shared throughout Mississippi as well as in national publications. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, providing insight and commentary on the inner workings of the Magnolia State. Frank has served his community in both elected and appointed public office, hosted his own local radio and television programs, and managed private businesses all while being an engaged husband and father. Email Frank: