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Midterms 2022: How will voter turnout...

Midterms 2022: How will voter turnout compare with last two midterm primary elections in Mississippi?

By: Frank Corder - June 7, 2022

With no top of ticket statewide or presidential election draw for voters, turnout in today’s 2022 primaries remains uncertain.

Today is Congressional Midterm Primary Election Day across Mississippi.  Voter turnout in these early summer primaries has traditionally been rather unpredictable, especially since there is no Presidential race on top of the ticket.

Midterm Elections may or may not have a statewide top of ticket race to draw the main attention of voters.

Secretary of State Michael Watson told Y’all Politics earlier today during a mid-day check-in that absentee ballots were “probably less than half” what the state saw two years ago in the 2020 election cycle.  Of course, that 2020 cycle was a Presidential election year.

The last two Midterm Primary Elections held in Mississippi had a race for U.S. Senate at the top of the ballot.  This 2022 election cycle does not, leaving voters across the state in most areas to have one race to turnout and vote for this Tuesday, that being their Congressman.  How that will impact voter numbers remains to be seen.

However, for comparison later this evening as numbers begin to roll in, here is a quick look at the two most recent voter numbers in Midterm Primaries for 2018 and 2014.

2018 Midterm Primary Elections

District 1

  • Republicans – 30,151
  • Democrats – 11,692

District 2

  • Republicans – No GOP candidates
  • Democrats – 31,203

District 3

  • Republicans – 65,027
  • Democrats – 24,541

District 4

  • Republicans – 42,934
  • Democrats – 14,560

2014 Midterm Primary Elections

District 1

  • Republicans – 56,550
  • Democrats – 14,763

District 2

  • Republicans – No GOP candidates
  • Democrats – 43,478

District 3

  • Republicans – 92,932
  • Democrats – 16,048

District 4

  • Republicans – 107,389
  • Democrats – 11,418
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