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MS04: Late ad buy takes jab at Ezell,...

MS04: Late ad buy takes jab at Ezell, Wagner, Wiggins in Republican Primary

By: Frank Corder - June 6, 2022

The only candidate in the 4th District race to share the Texas PAC ad is Boyanton, one of the 6 candidates seeking to unseat Congressman Palazzo.

Last week, an ad was released targeting three of the six challengers to Congressman Steven Palazzo in Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District.

The ad was dropped by Conservative Champions PAC out of Austin, Texas, and questions the conservative bona fides of Mike Ezell, Clay Wagner and Brice Wiggins – the top three challengers in the Republican Primary race.

“Clay Wagner, Brice Wiggins and Mike Ezell. They’re not conservative and they won’t stop Joe Biden,” the ad says at the beginning.  “Clay Wagner gave thousands in political contributions to liberal Democrats who voted to elect Pelosi as Speaker.  Brice Wiggins called himself a ‘Never Trumper,’ even supported RINO John Kasich for President.  Mike Ezell’s campaign, chaired by liberal Democrats who don’t share our values.”

Conservative Champions PAC was formed on May 27, 2022, just 12 days before the June 7th Republican Primary in Mississippi.  Per the Federal Election Commission filings, the PAC bought media placement through GRP Buying LLC out of Ohio on June 3rd to oppose Ezell, Wagner and Wiggins in the amount of $54,000 in total.

The FEC filing lists Cabell Hobbs as the PAC’s treasurer.  Hobbs is the President of Rightside Compliance LLC out of Austin, Texas, and McLean, Virginia.

According to the company’s website, RightSide Compliance was “established by a group of the nation’s premier political compliance professionals who have provided recordkeeping and reporting services to numerous presidential campaigns, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, dozens of U.S. Senators and Representatives, and countless PACs and tax-exempt organizations.”

The ad lists a contact number with a 601 area code but it is routed to another number.  Y’all Politics contacted the number listed in the ad.  The man who answered would not give his name and asked to return the call once he was in a better area for service, claiming he could not hear well.  As of this article, no return call has been received.

Only one Republican candidate’s campaign has shared this ad to date, and that is Carl Boyanton, one of the six challengers to Palazzo on Tuesday.  Boyanton shared the ad on his Facebook page on the afternoon of Saturday, June 4th.


After publishing the article above, Y’all Politics obtained a mail piece from Palazzo for Congress that was sent to mailboxes in the 4th District recently. The wording in the lower part of the mail piece is nearly identical to the wording used in the video ad noted above as funded by the Conservative Champions PAC out of Texas.

See the Palazzo mail piece below:

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