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Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program...

Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program has nearly 1,800 registrants

By: Anne Summerhays - June 6, 2022

MSDH says 15 businesses and 9 practitioners have submitted applications as well as 12 work permits have been sought so far. 

On Monday, the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) held a press conference to discuss the new Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program which opened up for applications last week.

MSDH officials provided a graphic which explained the process for Mississippians to register for the program:

Medical Cannabis Patient Overview (MSDH)

Kris Jones Adcock, Director of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program (MMCP), said that so far the program has received about 1,800 registrants. The total number of registrants is the number of people who have created an account.

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“That does not necessarily mean they have resulted in an application yet,” she said. “Looking at preliminary information, we believe that about 85% of those registrants are patients.”

The MMCP Director added that 15 businesses and 9 practitioners have submitted applications as well as 12 work permits have been sought so far.

At the end of May, the Mississippi Department of Revenue (DOR) released a checklist for potential medical marijuana dispensary applicants.

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The checklist was a collaboration with the Mississippi State Department of Health and will be an electronic application process. The Mississippi Cannabis Dispensary License applications will be available online no later than July 2022, as per the legislation’s guidelines.

Once an application is submitted, DOR will issue the licenses within 30 days of receiving the completed form including all required forms and documents.

“Dispensaries are coming online later,” the Director of MMCP said during the press briefing. “That’s a statutory requirement of the Department of Revenue that we have partnered with, will actually license dispensaries. That will start on July 1. For all other applications, we have 30 days to process a business application and five days to process a patient application.”

Health officials have said products would not be available at dispensaries until the end of the year.

Those who are interested in opening a dispensary must provide an operation plan and security plan upon application and must register with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.

You can view a checklist of application requirements HERE.

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