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Mississippi DOR releases checklist for...

Mississippi DOR releases checklist for potential medical marijuana dispensary applicants

By: Sarah Ulmer - May 24, 2022

The checklist also shows what cities and counties have opted out of the medical marijuana program. 

The Mississippi Department of Revenue has released a checklist for those who are interested in opening a medical marijuana dispensary in the state after the passage of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act in February 2022. 

The checklist was a collaboration with the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) and will be an electronic application process. The Mississippi Cannabis Dispensary License applications will be available online no later than July 2022, as per the legislation’s guidelines.

Once an application is submitted, MDOR will issue them within 30 days of receiving the completed form including all required forms and documents.

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The checklist covers several items like the legal name of the business and physical address, proof of registration with the Secretary of State’s office, Sales Tax Permit number, land survey by a Mississippi-licensed surveyor that proves the business is not within 1,000 feet of a school, church or childcare facility, and list of all parties with 10% or greater economic interest. All of the items on the checklist must be marked, if applicable to the person applying.

The first year licensing fee for a dispensary is $40,000 with a $15,000 non-refundable application fee and a $25,000 annual license fee.

Under the passed legislation, sales tax will also be collected on medical marijuana products. That requires dispensary owners to register for a Sales Tax account and apply for a permit on TAP. 

Those who are interested in opening a dispensary must also provide an operation plan and security plan upon application. Registration with theMississippi Secretary of State’s Office must also be completed.

For a checklist of application requirements click here.

When applying it is helpful to know that not all cities and counties opted into the program and will not be allowing dispensaries or growers to be located within their boarders.

For a map and full list of cities and counties that have opted-out of dispensaries, click here.

A public comment period was held to address any needed changes in Dispensary Regulations in May. After that several changes were made to include clarification or additions to those regulations.

They covered the following topics: 

  • Clarification on “Economic Interest”
  • Allowance for certain discounts and branded merchandise
  • The application process for facilities still under construction
  • Distance measurements in relation to schools, churches and child care facilities
  • Allowance for maintenance on individual surveillance cameras that does not affect other coverage
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Procedures for retail sale areas
  • Clarification as to management agreement issues
  • Reporting requirements to the Prescription Monitoring Program
  • Required training for the seed-to-sale system
  • Transportation of cannabis

For more information on licensure to open a medical marijuana dispensary please visit the Mississippi Department of Revenue. 

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