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YP Daily Roundup 11/10/21

YP Daily Roundup 11/10/21

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 10, 2021

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YP – KEENUM: Need and merit-based financial assistance for Mississippi students is essential for our state’s future

As a longtime advocate of increasing access to higher education for all Mississippians, I am glad to see Mississippi Today’s editorial staff turn its attention to our state’s current financial aid programs. However, it was disappointing that their main focus of a recent article was on comments that I made during a Dec. 2020 meeting of the Postsecondary Education Board that were taken out of context.

With quite an attention-grabbing headline – “Got a 17 on your ACT? Mark Keenum doesn’t want you at Mississippi State” – the article significantly mischaracterized Mississippi State University’s long record as an open-enrollment public research university and our documented efforts to advance access for needy and disadvantaged students at MSU, as well as my own personal commitment to these students.

I certainly want every qualified, motivated student who wants to attend MSU to have that opportunity – and once admitted, our university is committed to providing the best student success assistance that we can provide. That’s also the commitment of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni – and has been for decades.

YP – Mississippi Senate Committee discusses critical infrastructure needs in the state

Today, the Mississippi Senate Highways and Transportation Committee met to discuss critical infrastructure needs in Mississippi. The senators gathered information from a panel of speakers about the status of infrastructure in Mississippi, specifically regarding bridges and roads.

This meeting comes days after the U.S. House passed President Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure spending package…

…Executive Director White with the Mississippi Department of Transportation recognized the money coming into the state with President Biden’s infrastructure spending package. He said that it is important for the Department to work hand in hand with the Mississippi Legislature so that when the money is appropriated, the taxpayers will get the most out of it.

Congressman Thompson, Jan. 6 Committee issues more subpoenas to former Trump officials

YP – Governor Tate Reeves announces 16 RESTORE Act projects totaling $62 million

Governor Tate Reeves today announced a list of 16 RESTORE Act projects. These projects will add more than $62 million to the total of more than $570 million already being spent on restoration projects in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Over $10 Million of Gulf Coast RESTORE Act funds was awarded for a series of targeted efforts to grow the vitality of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s workforce. The awards include $2.2 Million for Accelerate Mississippi, the state’s lead office for workforce strategy and deployment.

“One of my top priorities will always be ensuring that all funds meant for restoring our Gulf Coast, go strictly to our Gulf Coast,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “With the announcement of these 16 critically important projects, that’s exactly what my administration is doing.”

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

YP – Congressman Guest’s bill to enable fiscal responsibility in federal real estate passed House

Earlier this year, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) introduced H.R.2220, a measure that would allow the General Services Administration (GSA) to enter into bargain price purchasing agreements. It passed the House of Representatives last week on a 416-4 vote.

Guest has said the legislation would save taxpayer dollars from costly long-term lease contracts by allowing the GSA to purchase property as an alternative to expensive rental contracts.

“This is a common-sense correction that will continue this committee’s work in reducing the taxpayer’s burden in federal real estate. I appreciate the Chairman and Ranking Member for bringing this legislation to the floor and for my colleague and friend Congressman Greg Pence’s work on this issue in the previous Congress. I urge my colleagues to support the bill,” Congressman Guest told his colleagues on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Wicker recognized by Adoption Council

YP – MS Sound’s Fisheries and Tourism Industries Threatened by Diversion Projects?

If you’ve driven south on I-55 to I-10 to get to New Orleans, you’ve driven over the Bonnet Carré Spillway.  It’s a brief stretch of I-10 with railroad tracks on the right and Lake Ponchartrain on the left.  Further to the right are levees holding back the Mississippi River.

The Bonnet Carré Spillway was built in 1931 as a way to release high water into the Mississippi River that threatens flooding in New Orleans or elsewhere.  It is now at the center of lawsuits and the BP Oil Spill money.

There is a proposed $800 million Mid-Breton Diversion Project that is a gated structure on the east bank of the Mississippi River designed to divert Mississippi River water into the Breton Sound, where marsh has largely disappeared.  There is a similar project, Mid-Barataria Diversion Project, that is designed to redirect river water from the west bank into Barataria Bay.

WDAM – State leader honored for effort in repair project along Longleaf Trace

A state senator is being honored for his efforts in getting funds allocated for repairs along Longleaf Trace.

Seven bridges across the Longleaf Trace received deficiency repairs.

Now, the Pearl and Leaf Rivers ‘Rails to Trails’ recreational district is honoring one of our state leaders for his effort in the project, by dedicating a bridge to him…

…“It’s a huge asset to the Pine Belt, and I’m so proud of it,” said Sen. Joey Fillingane, R-District 41. “And to have a small part in that is just quite the honor.”

We’re told Fillingane advocated for the area to receive funds from the BP Oil Spill settlement.

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