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YP Daily Roundup 9/27/21

YP Daily Roundup 9/27/21

By: Magnolia Tribune - September 27, 2021

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YP – Details of Medical Marijuana bill circulating as lawmakers come to an agreement

A summary of what is anticipated to be in the Medical Marijuana bill whether in a special or regular session began circulating on Friday morning as lawmakers received updates from Mississippi legislative leaders.

While this is not a full copy of the proposed legislation, it does outline what lawmakers plan to put into the bill and what Speaker Philip Gunn and Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann will be sharing with Governor Tate Reeves as he considers whether to call a special session in the days ahead…

…On Friday, we spoke exclusively with Senator Kevin Blackwell, who has been integral in the development of the bill since 2021, on more specific details this particular piece of legislation contains. He says the majority of lawmakers are in agreement regarding this piece of legislation.

MSDH COVID-19 Reporting

Reeves, Dobbs highlight COVID vaccine efforts

YP – Pelosi, Thompson’s Select Committee on Jan. 6th issues subpoenas to former Trump White House staffers

Congressman Bennie Thompson (D – MS01), chairman of the House Select Committee investigating January 6th established by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D), has announced that he has issued a round of subpoenas for documents and testimony to four individuals with close ties to former President Donald Trump who were working in or had communications with the White House on or in the days leading up to the January 6th riot.

In letters to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Daniel Scavino, former Defense Department official Kashyap Patel, and former Trump advisor Stephen Bannon, Chairman Thompson instructed the witnesses to produce materials and appear at depositions in the weeks ahead.

“The Committee is investigating the facts, circumstances, and causes of the January 6th attack and issues relating to the peaceful transfer of power, to identify and evaluate lessons learned and to recommend corrective laws, policies, procedures rules, or regulations,” wrote Chairman Thompson, underscoring the Select Committee’s authority established by House Resolution 503.

YP – A conversation on the workings of the Public Service Commission, energy with Commissioner Dane Maxwell

Southern District Public Service Commissioner Dane Maxwell joined Y’all Politics on Friday for a conversation about the work of the PSC, energy production and transmission, supply, and rates.

YP – Wicker to Biden: Do Your Job on Border

President Biden’s decision to continue ignoring our southern border has allowed an already-chaotic situation to grow worse. This past week, Texas faced yet another wave of illegal immigration as some 15,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti, crossed into Del Rio, Texas. Aerial images showed scores of men, women, and children wading across the river into U.S. territory, where they had set up a makeshift camp under a highway bridge. U.S. Border Patrol was overwhelmed and relied on help from Texas law enforcement and National Guard troops, who were able to create a steel barrier by lining up their vehicles in a row – a move the Governor described as “unprecedented.”

The Biden Administration knew this wave of migrants was coming, yet failed to prepare. As early as June, the National Border Patrol Council had warned the Administration about an influx of migrants headed for Del Rio and offered plans to respond, which were rejected. Now, those migrants are here. Even as some are being deported, thousands more are being released into the U.S. and being told to report to a judge – meaning they will likely never be seen again.

YP – Hyde-Smith: Biden tax hike plan could negatively affect Mississippi farmers

In a summary released by the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, Section 138208 is labeled “Increase in Limitation of Estate Tax Valuation Reduction for Certain Real Property Used in Farming or Other Trades or Businesses.”

The provision “amends section 2032A to increase the special valuation reduction available for qualified real property used in a family farm or family business. This reduction allows decedents who own real property used in a farm or business to value the property for estate tax purposes based on its actual use rather than fair market value. This provision increases the allowable reduction from $750,000 to $11,700,000.”

Last week, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith warned that the agricultural portion of the Democrats’ evolving $3.5 trillion tax and spend package will worsen issues and threaten the future viability of the nation’s family dairies.

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