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Hosemann: If your medical provider says...

Hosemann: If your medical provider says you’re eligible to receive the COVID vaccine, please get it

By: Frank Corder - August 13, 2021

Lt. Governor posted video message on Thursday.

In a video message posted on his social media platforms on Thursday, Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann asks Mississippians to consult with their doctor and get the COVID vaccine.

Hosemann, who had COVID in 2020 and has since received the vaccine, said he’s been meeting with doctors, nurses and hospital staff across the state. He says those medical professionals are exhausted.

“To determine why this last wave has occurred, unfortunately I think we only have to look in the mirror,” Hosemann said, adding, “Your Legislature is working on solutions but only you can stop the spread of COVID.”

The Lt. Governor notes that ICU beds in the state are full, and the state has sought aid from the federal government. Hosemann encourages Mississippians to get vaccinated to reduce the stress on the hospital systems.

“If your medical provider says you are eligible to receive the free vaccine, please receive the free vaccine,” Hosemann urges. “Protect your family, your friends and your fellow Mississippians. And please pray for our sick.”

Watch the video in the tweet below.

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