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YP Daily Roundup 5/4/21

YP Daily Roundup 5/4/21

By: Magnolia Tribune - May 4, 2021

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YP – Mississippi Lottery surpasses $80 million in revenue, additional will go to education

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation has announced a surplus of revenue for the fiscal year over the initial appropriation of $80 million. The additional funds will now go to education through the month of June 2021.

The Mississippi Legislature first passed the lottery in 2018. They requested that the first $80 million in proceeds for each fiscal year go to infrastructure improvements across the state. This includes roads and bridges. Lawmakers then said that any surplus over that amount would be funneled into education.

YP – The Mississippi Department of Public Safety and Mississippi Department of Transportation Announce Transition Team

Commissioner Sean Tindell announced the formation of the team that will facilitate the transition of law enforcement responsibilities from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS). The team will consist of executive staff members from both agencies…

…The passage of Senate Bill 2825 moves law enforcement presently under the Mississippi
Department of Transportation to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. Effective July 1st, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety will assume the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s $16 million law enforcement budget and 234 full-time employees. In addition, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety will create a new commercial trucking enforcement division.

MSDH daily COVID-19 reporting – 3 days

YP – LANGE: Mainstream media weaponization of COVID yielding predictable backlash

For many conservatives reading this, I know it’s not a shocker, but the media has been particularly egregious in politically weaponizing COVID.  Mississippi’s media establishment is no exception.  Their orders and piles of cash are coming from on high from billionaires, elites, mega-corporations, huge foundations and media conglomorates and the underlings are carrying their orders out with robotic efficiency.  The “storytelling” is all through the lenses of how the media can most effectively use COVID to bash political opponents (read conservatives)…

…There’s a balance between safety and living and the role government should play in that. With the proliferation of shots in arms and a very efficient National Guard at the tip of the spear on delivery, the policy decision to get lives and livelihoods (post-vaccination) back to normal was the right one.

For as eye popping as the decline has been since his decision, you wouldn’t know about it from reading a newspaper or looking online.  In fact, now that 1.25 million Mississippians have either had COVID or had at least one dose of vaccine, the next big shock fear being peddled by the media is breakthrough cases and COVID variants though both are exceedingly rare here.  In fact, of the 311,900 COVID cases documented by MSDH only 363 “variant” cases (as of 4/30) in Mississippi have been documented.   That’s .12% (about a tenth of one percent).  It’s almost as if the media is rooting for a COVID comeback.

YP – Hyde-Smith & Guest honor fallen law enforcement officers with Brookhaven Post Office dedication

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) and Congressman Michael Guest (R-Miss.) today honored the lives of three fallen law enforcement officers with the dedication of the Deputy Donald William Durr, Corporal Zach Moak and Patrolman James White Memorial Post Office in Brookhaven.

Hyde-Smith and Guest sponsored the legislation authorizing the post office designation.  Last December, then-President Donald Trump signed the bill into law.  The dedication ceremony included the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to be displayed at the post office at 201 West Cherokee Street, Brookhaven.

WJTV – Mississippi asserts it is meeting mental health mandates

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