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Congressman Guest Opposes D.C....

Congressman Guest Opposes D.C. Statehood Power Grab

By: Magnolia Tribune - April 22, 2021

Today, Congressman Michael Guest (MS-03) voted against H.R. 51 – Washington, D.C. Admission Act. The legislation would admit Washington, D.C., as the 51st state of the Union.

“The attempt to add D.C. as the 51st state is simply a power grab to add Democratic seats to the House and Senate. I have joined an alternative bill that would grant Washington residents citizenship in Maryland. This solution is simple and maintains the balance of power between the parties. Unfortunately, Democrats have not shown an interest in this common-sense approach. Their goal is to expand Democrats’ majorities in Congress.”

Congressman Guest cosponsored H.R.472 – District of Columbia-Maryland Reunion Act, which would cede neighborhoods and residential areas to Maryland, establishing current residents of D.C. as citizens of Maryland with federal representation without the need to create a new state.

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