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Wicker, Hyde-Smith plan to attend...

Wicker, Hyde-Smith plan to attend Inauguration of Biden

By: Frank Corder - January 8, 2021

President Donald Trump said Friday that he would not be attending the inauguration of Democrat President-elect Joe Biden on January 20th.

Biden responded later in the day saying it was a good thing Trump would not be attending but welcomed Vice President Mike Pence.

Most all of the former living Presidents have said that they were planning to attend the inauguration of the 46th Commander in Chief.

Y’all Politics asked Mississippi’s federal delegation is they would be attending the inauguration of Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith said that she did plan to attend as did Senator Roger Wicker who hoped that Trump would reconsider.

“I plan to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden, just as I have attended those of Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama, and Trump,” Wicker said.  “The orderly transfer of power is one of the majestic symbols of our republic. I hope President Trump will reconsider and attend as an important statement of the continuation of this principle.”

The state’s four Congressman all traditionally attend the inauguration ceremonies as well.  Though they have not responded to confirm their intentions, none have indicated at this time that they would not be in attendance for the peaceful transfer of power in the nation’s executive office.


Third District Congressman Michael Guest (R) has confirmed that he will attend the inauguration.

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