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Justice Josiah Coleman receives a...

Justice Josiah Coleman receives a number of pro-business endorsements for re-election bid

By: Magnolia Tribune - June 1, 2020

Justice Josiah Coleman today announced endorsements from eight major organizations, representing thousands of employers and workers in agriculture, healthcare, real estate, and trucking, among other industries.

The endorsements include:

BankPlus PAC
Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC)
Ergon PAC
Mississippi Automobile Dealers Association
Mississippi Physicians PAC
Mississippi Poultry Association PAC (MPA-PAC)
Mississippi Realtors PAC
Mississippi Trucking Association PAC (Truck-PAC)

“It is important for Mississippi to keep a fair and balanced judiciary. Free enterprise and entrepreneurship require an impartial, fair, and rule-of-law judiciary – the idea and practice of ‘legislating from the bench’ undermines the foundation of our free-market economy, thus impacting employers and employees,” said Business and Industry Political Education Committee President and CEO Derek Easley. “That is why Judge Coleman is recommended by BIPEC as best for adhering to the impartiality and fairness of Mississippi’s highest court.”

“The drivers of employment and economic growth in Mississippi stand behind Josiah Coleman,” said Lex Taylor, campaign chairman. “We are confident in Josiah Coleman’s integrity, impartiality, and ethical leadership. We are grateful for the support and we will continue working hard to once again earn the trust of Mississippi voters in November.”

Campaign Press Release


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