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MS GOP Congressmen oppose...

MS GOP Congressmen oppose Pelosi’s new powerful coronavirus subcommittee

By: Frank Corder - April 23, 2020

After the bill to provide $484 billion in additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program passed the U.S. Senate earlier this week by unanimous consent, the House gaveled back into session Thursday to also pass the coronavirus small business relief measure.

The bill provides $321 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program, as well as $60 billion in economic disaster loans, $75 billion in emergency hospital relief and $25 billion to increase coronavirus testing.

Mississippi’s Congressional Delegation has stated that they support the additional PPP funding, yet Republicans have been vocal on the delay Democrats have caused in this measure.

However, not all were in favor of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s new select subcommittee which will have broad oversight and investigative latitude into the federal government’s response to the coronavirus.  The committee will be granted subpoena power, setting it up to be a powerful tool to yet again investigate the Trump Administration throughout the remainder of his first term in office.

As Y’all Politics has previously reported, Congress has already approved various oversight and accountability mechanisms with the passage of the CARES Act, including studies/reports to identify gaps in response and delivery, inform future decision-making, and better prepare the United States moving forward.  Additionally, most Inspector General offices within agencies throughout the government received supplemental appropriations to enhance auditing and accountability as COVID-19 response programs are implemented.

The CARES Act also created a new congressional oversight board responsible for the oversight of the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve as both work to provide economic stability as a result of the coronavirus.  This was a provision Democrats insisted on during negotiations.  There will be five members of the Congressional Oversight Commission consisting of one member appointed by each of the following: Speaker of the House, House Majority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, and Senate Minority Leader. The final member would be appointed by the Speaker and Senate Majority Leader in consultation with the Minority Leaders.

The new select 12-member House committee passed Thursday will have a 7-5 Democratic majority, with Congressman James Clyburn, House Majority Whip, serving as the chairman.

Clyburn’s appointment by Pelosi drew criticism from Republicans after he said earlier this month that the coronavirus relief measures were “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  His vocal opposition to the President and endorsement of the Democratic nominee Joe Biden, which helped the former Vice President change the winds of his campaign following the South Carolina primary, add to Republicans’ hesitancy of having Clyburn as chair of this committee.

Republicans in Congress view this new committee as clearly partisan in its intent and just another witch hunt aimed at hurting President Donald Trump politically in the run up to the November election.

The new committee was appropriated $2 million in funding to review the government’s preparedness, assess the effects of the coronavirus on minority populations and review executive branch “policies, deliberations, decisions, activities, and internal and external communications” related to the coronavirus pandemic, among other things.

Mississippi 2nd District Congressman Bennie Thompson (D) had called for a Congressionally-chartered commission to produce a full and complete accounting of the nation’s preparedness and response to the novel coronavirus pandemic somewhat similar to this new House Committee, yet it included Senate representatives.

A simple majority was needed to approve the creation of Pelosi’s coronavirus committee which was easily gained by House Democrats.

Thompson supported his party’s leadership in approving the new committee while all three of Mississippi’s Republican Congressmen – Trent Kelly (MS-1), Michael Guest (MS-3) and Steven Palazzo (MS-4) – opposed the additional subcommittee pushed by Democrats.


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Frank Corder

Frank Corder is a native of Pascagoula. For nearly two decades, he has reported and offered analysis on government, public policy, business and matters of faith. Frank’s interviews, articles, and columns have been shared throughout Mississippi as well as in national publications such as the Daily Caller. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, providing insight and commentary on the inner workings of the Magnolia State. Frank has served his community in both elected and appointed public office, hosted his own local radio and television programs, and managed private businesses all while being an engaged husband and father.