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YP Daily Roundup 3/4/20

YP Daily Roundup 3/4/20

By: Magnolia Tribune - March 4, 2020

WJTV – Biden, Bloomberg, Warren and Sanders spending money in Mississippi

WLBT – Jackson church says Joe Biden will attend their Sunday service

Jackson church says Joe Biden will attend their Sunday service

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is said to be coming to Jackson this weekend.

The church secretary of New Hope Baptist Church says the former vice president will attend their Sunday morning service at 9:30 a.m. this weekend.

WLBT – Bloomberg campaign explains importance of Miss. in presidential election

Teresa Jones says 70 percent of the Democratic Primary is African American. She says the campaign is focusing on winning delegates in this state.

The Michael Bloomberg Presidential Campaign has offices in three locations in Mississippi.

They are located in Jackson, on the Gulf Coast and in Oxford. Teresa Jones is the Mississippi Political Director for the Bloomberg Campaign.

Jones tells us why Mississippi has been so important to Bloomberg and his campaign for president.

Teresa Jones said, “Mississippi is important because we have forty-one delegates. That’s more than New Hampshire and we don’t want to leave any delegate on the table when it comes to winning the presidency. So, our campaign has been focused on playing in states that national Democrats have let go traditionally unchallenged by Donald Trump and Mississippi is one of those states.”

SOS Watson offers Primary reminders

MSSen: Espy lists Democrat endorsements ahead of primary

WLOX – Which bills survived and died on committee deadline day at the State Capitol

Which bills survived and died on committee deadline day at the State CapitolSeveral bills effectively died on the calendar for the year because no action was taken on them. The legislative session had just started when the news of the DHS embezzlement case broke.

With it being a deadline day, we wanted to check in on the status of the bills that were filed in response to that situation.

There’s a new microscope on what Mississippi’s doing with federal dollars. Rep. Jarvis Dortch and other House members filed several bills proposing TANF reforms they said would help families in need and bring needed transparency to state spending. None of those bills survived deadline day.

YP – Anti-vax push for religious exemptions not happening this session

WTOK – Bill says Mississippi could check for voters’ US citizenship

Republican Secretary of State Michael Watson is pushing for a bill that would give his office the power to check voters’ names against databases from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or other federal, state or county agencies.

Democrat Sen. David Blount of Jackson said it is “the most radical, dangerous, shameful” elections bill since he joined the Senate 12 years ago. Blount says it could strip voting rights from thousands of Mississippi citizens.

WLOX – Mississippi seeks abortion ban for race, sex, genetic error

Mississippi seeks abortion ban for race, sex, genetic error

Mississippi’s Republican-controlled Legislature is trying to restrict the reasons women may seek abortion.

This comes after federal courts blocked time limitations the state tried to set the past two years.

A bill that passed a House committee Tuesday would ban abortion based on the race, sex or genetic abnormality of the fetus. The only exception would be for a medical emergency.

YP – Special election in HD 88 set

Mayor Flaggs speaks at Carnegie Institute in D.C.

WLOX – Morgan Freeman reminds Mississippians to take 2020 census

Morgan Freeman has spoken.

The legendary actor is reminding Mississippians to participate in this year’s census, which takes place every 10 years.

“Millions of dollars for Mississippi families, children, schools, healthcare, roads and bridges are at stake,” he says in the mscensus2020 PSA. “Take a few minutes to complete your census. Mississippi is counting on you.”

Wicker, Hyde-Smith announce $122 million contract to build military helicopters in Mississippi

WCBI – Demand from state against Aberdeen mayor paid

The demand against Aberdeen Mayor Maurice Howard was paid.

In a press release, State Auditor Shad White reported that a surety bond company paid more than $11,000 in demand.

Howard was arrested by the state last October and later indicted on five counts of embezzlement.

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