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Investigators no closer to solving...

Investigators no closer to solving pre-election hate crime incident at the Mississippi Capitol

By: Courtney Ingle - December 14, 2018

Photo courtesy WLBT

As the run-off election fades into memory, investigators still have no updates on the case of whom may have hung nooses and signs targeting Cindy Hyde-Smith around the Capitol leading up to the election.

Y’all Politics reached out to both The Department of Public Safety and Chuck McIntosh at the Department of Finance Administration to inquire as to the status of the review of video surveillance in the three weeks since the incident occurred. Neither agency provided comment.

It was first reported by Y’all Politics that the signs read “hanging nooses to remind people that things haven’t changed,” and “we want leaders that give honest apologies, that can be humble enough to admit when they’re wrong,” on November 26.

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith apologized for remarks made referencing a public hanging during the senatorial debate, but many have criticized the apology as not being genuine because it was read.

The content of the signs that DFA disclosed harkens back to a similar incident 5 days before the 2016 Presidential election where a church congregant burned and vandalized Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church near Greenville, MS, which ignited a national media frenzy speculating that white nationalists might have been involved.

The Department of Public Safety released photos of the signs.

Y’all Politics will continue to update this story.

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