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YP Daily Roundup 11/8/18

YP Daily Roundup 11/8/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - November 8, 2018

#MSSen: Hyde-Smith, Espy to debate

Hyde-Smith talks runoff on FoxNews

WLOX – Cindy Hyde-Smith talks strategy as she advances to Senate runoff

While not in D.C., Hyde-Smith expects to continue traveling the state in what’s been dubbed as the MAGA wagon that features a large photo of her with the President on the side of the bus. She’s also expecting a return POTUS visit.

“Don’t be surprised at all if President Trump comes back,” added Hyde-Smith. “I just got a really sweet call on my telephone a few minutes ago from Ivanka Trump. So, they are really getting behind me and we’re going to do what it takes to make sure everybody’s energized and we’ve got a lot of planning to do.”

WLOX – Democrat Mike Espy hits campaign trail as runoff begins

“Our strategy is very simple, go get those who voted last night and get them out again and try to expand the base for those who are registered voters who didn’t vote yesterday,” said Espy.

Meanwhile, the former congressman has sent a letter to Hyde-Smith challenging her to a debate. According to Espy, this is the second letter. The first, which he sent before the general election, went unanswered.

NEWSMS – Two State House elections go to runoff

Gov. Bryant meets with Kushner, gets photobombed by Christie

CLARION LEDGER – Gov. Bryant will appoint interim DA for Rankin-Madison

A spokesman for Bryant said the appointment will become effective Jan. 1. Voters will choose a new district attorney next November.

Guest, a Republican, defeated Democrat Michael Ted Evans on Tuesday to win the seat.

Gov. Bryant unveils plaque naming PERS building for Ford

Raytheon breaks ground in Forest

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