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Lawmakers start on Appropriations bills...

Lawmakers start on Appropriations bills after general bill deadline, where is the money going.

By: Sarah Ulmer - February 14, 2018

Budgest for Fiscal Year 2019 are beginning to be made as lawmakers work through several appropriations bills. Here are a few highly talked about budgets you might want to know about:


On the House floor on Tuesday they passed HB 1580, appropriations for the State Board of Medical Licensure. The board was given $2.34 million beginning at the start of Fiscal Year 2019, on July 1, 2018. The bill sets target performance measures to be achieved before the 2020 budget request is submitted. The bill was passed by a total of 114 yes, 1 no. The no vote belonging to Joel Bomgar from Madison. Counted as not voting, was Rep. Baria, Myers, Patterson, Sanford, Scott, and Miles.

The budget for the Mississippi Department of Education, HB 1592, was passed and then held on a motion to reconsider. It gives the MDE a working budget of $112.4 million, $76.19 million for Vocational and Technical Education divisions, in compensation to the Chickasaw Cession for lands lost $20.5 million, for the defraying of expenses in the Mississippi Uniform Per Student Funding Formula Program $1.99 billion and for the Mississippi School for the Blind and Deaf $7.8 million. 113 Representatives passed the bill and only 2 opposed until Clark, Read, and Huddleston held it on a motion to reconsider.

When it comes to Medicaid HB 1598 has passed through committee and would appropriate $791.5 million to the division. Up to $4.5 billion is appropriated out of the Special fund and is available for operating costs beginning in July 1, 2018. The department is required to make certain funds available for “Personal Services” for FY2020 and don’t go over the FY2019 budget.

As of right now the Department of Child Protective Services is looking at a budget of $98 million out of the State General Fund. This bill HB 1601 allows for over 1500 full time employees. Just over $93,000 were allocated to the Mississippi Children’s Trust Fund. The bill has passed committee, but has not made it to the floor yet.

The budget for the Department of Rehabilitation Services, HB 1602, is still in the Appropriations committee  but has passed as is. They’re looking at an operating budget of $19.8 million which will fully match all available federal funds at $2.78 million. $202 million from the special fund is available to their use starting July 1, 2018. This will allow for 945 full time employees and under 10 part time.


The Senate passed multiple bills for IHL support. In the general support bill SB 2944 Senators approved a budget of $285 million from the general funds and $906 million available in special funds for the support of the state’s major universities. They also passed finances for subsidiary programs, student financial aid the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and agricultural, forestry and veterinary programs at universities.

Surviving through committee SB 2958 appropriates $85.3 million to the Department of Public Safety from the General Fund. This allows for over $62 million in salaries and wages which is 937 employees at full time status and 20 full time at time-limited as well as two part time positions.

The Governor’s office and staff were allocated $2.11 million for FY2019 for operational costs. This allows for 38 full time employees,  1 part time, and 7 limited full time employees. This was designated in SB 2989 authored by Senator Clarke.



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