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YP Daily Roundup 1/22/18

YP Daily Roundup 1/22/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 22, 2018

Congressman Palazzo: Senate Democrats have failed the American people

Washington, DC – Congressman Steven Palazzo (MS-4) issued the following statement after Senate Democrats blocked a bill to continue funding government operations.

“Last night we saw the true colors of the Democratic party. Senate Democrats have failed the American people. Their vote to shutdown the government endangers American soldiers, our national security, and the over 80,000 Mississippi children that rely on the Children’s Health Insurance Program. This was a dangerous and negligent decision by their party for a bill they have no true opposition to.”

The short term funding bill would have kept the government operating through February 16, 2018. This bill passed the House on January 18, but failed to pass the Senate on January 19.

Gov. Bryant participates in promotion ceremony for Congressman Trent Kelly to Brigadier General

DAILY JOURNAL – BILL CRAWFORD: Mississippi’s seniority clout looks to dwindle

Rep. Gregg Harper suddenly announced in December he will not seek reelection for another term. And rumors continue to circulate that Sen. Thad Cochran may retire before his term is up in January 2021.

Both would greatly diminish Mississippi seniority.

As names emerge about who may run for Harper’s seat, or Cochran’s should it open up, voters should take note of how long it takes to acquire meaningful seniority. As you can see Harper and Wicker, after a decade, are just on the verge of power. If voters continue to want powerful senators and representatives, they should look for candidates with the right temperament and experience plus commitment to put at least 20 years into the job.

CLARION LEDGER – With only $7K in the bank, Tchula is almost broke, mayor says

Tchula Mayor General Vann tells the Greenwood Commonwealth that the town of 2,100 residents had only about $7,000 in the bank this month.

He says Tchula owes the IRS more than $54,000 for employees’ taxes. It owes the state about $68,000 for assessments from tickets and fines.

Vann and the current aldermen took office in July. He says the debts date back to previous mayors and aldermen.

CLARION LEDGER – Will an equal pay bill ever pass in Mississippi?

Could a Republican pastor from Booneville break what has been a largely partisan divide in the push for equal pay for equal work?…

…Rep. Tracy Arnold, a Republican pastor from Booneville who prides himself on being pro-life and supportive of the Farm Bureau and the National Rifle Association, has filed such a bill this year.

Arnold said he regularly sees members of his congregation who are struggling because of pay inequity.

“I see a lot of single mothers that seem to be struggling, many of them are working two, three jobs to make a living,” he said. “I think this is a good measure to ensure they are being paid fair and equitable pay.”

CLARION LEDGER – GEOFF PENDER: Fear and loathing and education policy; lewd lobbyist comments

For starters, the GOP leadership has treated ed funding rewrite work like it was the plans for the Normandy invasion — top secret, we’ll let you look at it when it’s time to vote. Some key explanations are still lacking, such as why it lacks a specific way to determine per-student base funding and why one could not be included in the bill, considering it is, well, a formula.

On the other hand, experience tells me the leadership could have held 100 public hearings, come out with the best formula in the history of public education and most Dems and K-12 advocates would have decried it as horrible. Case in point: the “Third-Grade Reading Gate” legislation passed a few years back has appeared to improve young students’ literacy, as opposed to throwing public education into chaos and despair as was widely predicted.

WLBT – State Auditor investigates Pelahatchie’s possible misappropriation of drug seizure funds – Jackson, MS

Gov. Bryant declares state of emergency for school districts over winter weather

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