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YP Daily Roundup 1/19/18

YP Daily Roundup 1/19/18

By: Magnolia Tribune - January 19, 2018

WLBT – Mississippi lawmakers weigh-in on sweeping public education funding bill – Jackson, MS

DAILY JOURNAL – Presley not intending to run for Senate seat against Wicker 

JACKSON – Northern Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley of Nettleton announced Thursday he will not be a candidate this year for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Roger Wicker of Tupelo.

Presley, 40, had been rumored as a possible candidate for the Senate seat and last year had traveled to Washington, D.C., at the request of Senate Democrats in connection with a possible campaign for the seat.

State Sen. Michael Watson: How many more chances will the MS State Board of Education give Dr. Carey Wright?

KEMPER COUNTY MESSENGER – New congressman important to Kemper County’s future

For only the fourth time in a half-century, East Mississippians will have a new Congressman following Rep. Gregg Harper’s pending retirement from Congress. Kemper County officials say they’ll be asking the new Third District representative — whoever he or she may ultimately be — to support several specific projects, all geared toward promoting local job growth.

“If you don’t ask they’ll think you don’t need,” Kemper County Board of Supervisors President Johnny Whitsett said. “We have to let our needs be known.”

Whitsett, a Democrat, said federal representatives like Harper and his predecessor, former U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering, have traditionally been very responsive to Kemper County’s needs despite the county’s small population and its heavily Democratic Party affiliation while nevertheless being in the middle of an overwhelmingly Republican Third Congressional district.

“They’ve always seemed to do everything they can to help,” Whitsett concluded, saying he expected this cooperative spirit to continue.

WTVA – Tupelo City Council votes 4-3 to fly #msflag

The council voted 4 – 3 in favor of an ordinance to fly the state flag at City Hall, City Council chambers, Veterans Park and Ballard Park.

Council members Nettie Davis, Lynn Bryan and Willie Jennings voted against the ordinance.

Also at the council meeting, the city voted to send a resolution to Governor Phil Bryant and the legistlature to change the state flag.

WDAM – Women in Mississippi politics 

According to the Center for American Women and Politics, there are 9 women serving as senators in Mississippi out of the 52 state senate seats.

As for the State House, there are a total of122 members, 17 of which are women…

…Despite Mississippi being ranked 46 in the nation for women in legislative roles, the number of women holding positions at a local government level is growing as we see more women running and holding positions within city governments. From mayors to board of alderperson positions as well as serving on city councils.

WTOK – Michael Guest campaigns for #MS03 in Meridian

Wicker calls on DOJ to pull law enforcement grants for California

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., called on the Department of Justice to rescind federal law enforcement grants to the state of California if the state’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, follows through on a threat to prosecute employers for helping federal immigration authorities detain illegal immigrants.

“Sanctuary policies weaken public safety and our national security,” Wicker said. “The state of California needs to follow the law of the land, and that includes federal immigration statutes. Further, individuals should have the right to cooperate with federal officials without fear of reprisal or intimidation from state government officials. I urge the Justice Department to rescind and withhold all federal law enforcement grants for that state if Mr. Becerra makes good on his threat.”

Zuber hopes proposal will streamline legislation, save money

Rep. Hank Zuber of Ocean Springs is hopeful his pitch to shorten legislative sessions by restricting general legislation to every other year will lead to better decision making and save the state money.

Zuber has pitched his proposal both in the form of a bill (House Bill 127) and as a change to the joint rules under which both the House and Senate operate. He is focusing his efforts on the latter, as it is the path of least resistance.

“It’s much simpler, much easier to understand and, hopefully, pass,” he said of the proposed rule change. “That’s the avenue I’m focused on.”

BUSINESSWIRE – 1,000+ To Rally for School Choice at State Capitol

Students, parents, teachers, community leaders, and elected officials will show their support for school choice at a day of events in the state capitol timed to coincide with National School Choice Week.
On January 23 at 9:30, school choice supporters will hold a rally at the Mississippi State Capitol to shine a spotlight on the diverse group of schools they represent.
Many elected officials, including Governor Phil Bryant and Lt. Governor Tate Reeves, are expected to attend in addition to more than 1,000 school choice supporters.
The goal of the event is to spotlight educational options for Mississippi students and tell student success stories. The celebration is timed to coincide with National School Choice Week (January 21-27, 2018), which will feature more than 32,000 events across the country.
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