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McDaniel supporters attack Americans...

McDaniel supporters attack Americans for Prosperity Mississippi

By: Magnolia Tribune - October 16, 2017

“If It Was A Snake …”: Greatest Threat To Liberty Hiding In Plain Sight

There are examples aplenty in just the recent past few years of polticians in Mississippi speaking publicly one thing and actually working towards just the opposite.

One recent prime example is that of AFP in Mississippi deciding after the 2017 Mississippi Legislative Session to spend $10,000 on a “thank you campaign” for Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. Reeves was given credit by Americans For Prosperity’s Mississippi Chapter President Russ Latino for single-handedly killing legislation that would have adopted an internet sales tax.

However, what Latino and others don’t say is that the internet sales tax was already being implemented by the state Department of Revenue through an administrative rules change. There was a bill introduced in the state senate that would have stopped the DOR from proceeding and disallowed this from happening. But, the Lt. Governor saw to it that the bill restricting the bureaucracy from proceeding with the tax was also killed in committee.

End result: Mississippi’s implementation of an online sales tax is still alive and well. The legislative leadership did nothing to stop it.

Come state election time in 2019 you’ll probably hear a whole different story.

This hardly qualifies as someone who “fights tax increases” as AFP would have us believe. It does, however, qualify as someone fighting to keep the people’s elected representatives from doing the job they were elected to do, yet finding a way to claim a personal political victory in the process.

Meanwhile, the internet taxation continues through the Department of Revenue unabated, effectively taken out of public view by AFP Mississippi and their desire to promote the Lt. Governor and tap into his political donor base.


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